Why We Love Great Salt Lake Salt

Perfectly Posh® believes in using only the best ingredients in our products, so we went to the Great Salt Lake to load up our unique and fabulous Fízi bath bombs with the mineral-rich goodness. The Great Salt Lake, located in Utah, is the largest salt water lake west of the Mississippi and is the only significant source of magnesium in the entire Western Hemisphere. It is approximately 75 miles long and 35 miles wide, however, the breadth can change depending on the amount of rainfall each year. The chemical composition of the Great Salt Lake is similar to that of typical ocean water. Sodium and chloride are the major ions in the water, followed by sulfate, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. With salt concentrations up to 10 times greater than the ocean and a history that’s millions of years old, you get special bathing properties in each Perfectly Posh Fízi bath bomb. Magnesium is particularly fantastic to soak in because it can do amazing things for skin:

  • Acts as a natural humectant, helping to draw in moisture while you soak

  • Has been known to break apart fats and oils allowing your skin to breathe

  • Helps you achieve a clearer, more even skin tone free of redness and blemishes

  • Provides skin conditioning and moisturizing benefits

  • Can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

So grab your favorite Fízi flavor, pop one (or two) in your bath, and soak away! If you haven’t had the opportunity to bathe in Fízi goodness yet, contact your Inluencer about purchasing some. Don’t have an Influencer? Find one near you here.