At Perfectly Posh We Think Waiting for Payday is the Worst

Perfectly Posh Influencer sharing products with circle of influence to earn instant commissions on Posh sales

We think everyone should be able to break the mold and live life the way THEY want to. That’s why we decided to be different, and why we think you’ll love starting your own pampering business with Perfectly Posh.

Forget what you know about traditional, complicated compensation plans—you won’t find one here. At Perfectly Posh we’ve done away with deep downlines and old school MLM (multi-level marketing) structures that, at best, seem overwhelming and, at worst, seem a bit scammy.

Our unique plan makes it easy and fun to share the pampering you love and earn! How? Our CEO and Founder, Ann Dalton, says it best:

“We’ve taken a modern approach to compensation, ditching the complex and often confusing steps it takes to build a successful business, and replaced it with an easy-to-understand, lucrative two-sphere Influencer plan. Deep down lines? Done for. Complicated team pyramid? Not here. More money? You bet.

Perfectly Posh Sphere of Influence to make up to 40% personal commission and a combined additional 30% on your frontline and secondline

So how exactly does it work? Check it out:

How to Earn


It’s simple: the more you share, the more you earn. You can get paid up to 40% commission on what your customers purchase.

How to earn commission on sales at Perfectly Posh, make up to 40% commission on pampering orders with Posh

Plus, our Personal Volume plan pays you retroactively on each tier as you achieve it!

Being a Posh Influencer

When you inspire someone to become a Posh Influencer like you, you can earn up to 15% on their sales as well. Plus, you’ll also earn up to 15% on anyone they inspire to join. But that’s it! There are no deep downlines to get caught up in. 

Perfectly Posh Influencer structure showing frontline and secondline volume commissions

You have the potential to earn up to 70% commission based on YOUR work and YOUR influence.

How to Earn Instant Commission

Along with ditching confusing pay plans, we also ditched waiting for paychecks! 

Why? As Ann says, “People...don’t think ‘work really hard for four years and you can double your income.’ They think, ‘What can I do today to pay my rent next week and have some fun tonight.’” So true, right?! Who doesn’t want to see immediate results for their work? 

That’s why we offer something no one else does: Instant Commissions! After someone purchases from you, we pay you almost immediately (we’re talking minutes!) so you can pamper, get paid, and go play all in the same day. And with your Posh Pay Influencer account, you’ll get a special branded Visa debit card you can use almost anywhere, or you can transfer your funds to another personal account. You do you!

So, what are you waiting for?
Become an Influencer