The Face Oil You Need to Get Right Now

It’s common to think that peppermint oil will dry out your skin—not when it’s Posh! The peppermint oil in Glistening Skills™ is gentle and non-drying and has a fun, tingly sensation. It helps revitalize tired, dull skin, with just enough peppermint to make your skin feel awake and refreshed. Aside from peppermint oil, there are 8 essential oils in Glistening Skills including coconut, abyssinian, sweet almond, coffee, macadamia, cranberry, sesame seed, and evening primrose. Each essential oil plays a vital part in making this face oil so effective.

Glistening Skills Ingredient Breakdown

Not only is Glistening Skills formulated with hydrating, nourishing ingredients that benefit your skin, it also provides skin with a beautiful, flawless look. And even though we call it a face oil, there are other ways you can use it in your routine.

How to Use Glistening Skills Face Oil

  • Apply to face day or night as desired

  • Use as a serum or moisturizer

  • Add it to moisturizer to boost benefits

  • Add a few drops to hair to help tame frizz and minimize flyaways

  • Add 1-2 drops to primer or foundation

So the next time your skin needs up pick-me-up, reach for Glistening Skills! This beauty vegan oil is unlike any oil you’ve ever tried. Plus, it’s Aaron Samuels approved.