Don't Be Afraid of the Snark

Three words make our newest Snarky bar stand out from the rest—luminescent zinc sulfide—AKA the mineral compound that allows Glow Hard or Glow Home™ Snarky Bar to glow in the dark. There’s a lot of talk about zinc sulfide and whether it’s okay to wash with, so we’re here to debunk any spooky tales you may have heard about it.

Why It’s Okay to Wash With Zinc Sulfide

Luminescent zinc sulfide might sound scary, but there’s no need to fear. It’s simply a phosphorescent powder, made with zinc sulfide combined with a copper additive. Zinc sulfide is obtained from zinc and is the main form of zinc found in nature, where it mainly occurs as the mineral sphalerite. When exposed to sun or artificial light, luminescent zinc sulfide produces a glow-in-the-dark effect. 

So yes, it’s okay to wash with zinc sulfide, which is in our newest Snarky, Glow Hard or Glow Home. In addition to luminescent zinc sulfide, this Snarky contains ingredients to help cleanse, refresh, and soothe skin. There are many reasons why you don’t need to be afraid of the Snark, but here are the most common ones:

Glow Hard or Glow Home Will:

  • Scrub away negative energy from your skin with sage and eucalyptus oils to provide a more balanced look, tone, and clearer outlook

  • Help your skin glow while it presents itself in a glowing fun way to illuminate your bathing experience

  • Bring skin back to life by removing dead skin cells

  • Help balance skin by cleansing away oil, dirt, and debris, while simultaneously providing moisture and hydration from shea and coconut

  • Get rid of dry, rough, crackly skin

  • Help prevent oxidative stress to detox, soothe, and tone skin

  • Provide moisture and hydration while you scrub

  • Make your shower or bath smell amazing with an alluring and crisp matcha, cactus, and sage

Glow Hard or Glow Home Won’t:

  • Put a spell on you

  • Harm your skin

  • Turn you into a walking glow-in-the-dark phenomenon

  • Dry out your skin

  • Irritate or stress out your skin

Perfectly Posh is committed to using only the best ingredients in our products, and Glow Hard or Glow Home Snarky Bar is no exception. So grab one and fly over to your bathroom to transform your shower into a glowing pampering haven.

P.S. If the glow is not as strong as you hoped, don’t fret, just hold the Snarky up to a light for a few minutes, then flip the lights off.