Make the Most of Your Pampering With Buy Five, Get One FREE

Perfectly Posh Buy 5 Get 1 Free promotion with code B5G1 on qualifying orders

Is there anything better than a Perfectly Posh pampering product that makes you feel amazing every time you use it? How about getting one for FREE!? At Perfectly Posh, we believe the more pampering, the better. Whenever you buy five qualifying products, you get another one to indulge in for free when you use code B5G1 in the promotion code box at check out.

If you’re new to Posh, you should chat with your Influencer and get them to do a Pampered Reading with you. This is how it will go: your Influencer will use our fun Pampered Reading cards to help you pick out products based on your current pampering needs (kind of like a Tarot card reading, but for your me time). Maybe you’re concerned about your pores (um, who isn’t?) or maybe you want to take some preventative anti-aging steps to keep yourself looking young and fresh (who doesn’t?). Whatever it is, your Influencer will help you pick out the right routine to pamper yourself.

Once you’ve decided what pampering solutions you’d like to focus on, your Influencer will help you customize a pampering routine. This is where it gets fun! You can mix and match your routine to tailor the results that are just right for you and your skin. Whether you’re choosing a great morning and night routine for your face or a super relaxing bath routine, you’ll love the way it makes you feel, because it allows you to focus on yourself a little.

Your routine can have any number of products in it, but we recommend that you choose at least five. Why? Because every time you buy five qualifying Perfectly Posh products, you get one for FREE with code B5G1. (And the code never expires.) 

Think about it this way, you choose your face cleanser, a moisturizer, an eye crème, a bath bar, a body butter and then you get that little extra indulgent thing you really, really want. Why not? You’ve earned it! Maybe your free product is a delicious Big Fat Yummy™ Hand Crème that leaves your hands feeling soft and spoiled but not greasy. Maybe it’s a fun and trendy new product that you’ve wanted to try, like a fruity body wash with an innovative jelly texture. Or maybe, it’s a luxuriously indulgent face serum that keeps your skin and soul glowing. 

Whatever you choose, just be sure to indulge in taking care of yourself. That’s what Buy 5, Get 1 is all about...Because You Deserve it!

The fine print—because the Finance department says so:

  • B5G1 works with qualifying orders of Posh products; new products usually don’t qualify for the first 7 days.

  • Certain promotions don’t work with B5G1; they will be listed in the promotion’s Terms & Conditions (ask your Influencer or join our email list here for details).

  • B5G1 will be applied to the lowest priced item in your cart when you enter promo code B5G1 at checkout.