5 Steps to the Best Soothing Bath of Your Life

CBD Green Goddess Bath Bomb3.jpg

You’ve had a terrible day. The gym kicked your butt, so your muscles hurt. Work was super stressful, so your brain won’t stop jumping from thought to thought. And to top it off, you’re stuck in traffic. All you want to do is get home, turn on some Schitt’s Creek, and eat peanut butter ice cream for dinner. We feel you! That’s why we’re about to share the most pampering, most relaxing, most indulgent thing with you, because you deserve it. 

There are few things more relaxing and pampering in this world than locking your bathroom door and taking a bath. Baths are known to provide tons of benefits, including:

  • Uplifting your mood with isolation, quiet, and comfort

  • Easing discomfort throughout your entire body

  • Soothing your skin

  • Helping with overall relaxation

  • And bonus...they’re great to help you nod off to sleep

Once you’ve finished your pint of pb ice cream and watched that episode where Moira and David try to start their own Direct Sells business, do yourself a favor and draw yourself a bath. Here’s what we recommend.

Step One

Go into your bathroom and lock the door. 

Step Two

Start filling the tub with warm water.

Step Three

Break up a Cann I Be™ Green Goddess Bath Bomb and toss as much as you want into your bath. We created it so you could break it into up to four pieces to tailor your experience. Each piece contains 7.5 mg of full spectrum CBD oil. If you want to use the whole thing, it’s 30 mg of CBD. Feel free to toss the whole thing in, if you need it. No judgement here. In fact, you’ll get nothing but our admiration and respect. 

Step Four

Dim the lights or turn ‘em out and light your favorite candles. Then strip and sink into the water to soak up some much needed pampering.

Step Five

Soak as long as you want to or until the water starts to get cold, then hop out, towel off, and follow up by mixing a few droppers of Cann I Be™ More Pampered CBD Oil or Cann I Be™ So Extra CBD Oil into your favorite body butter. Rub it into your skin, put your favorite pjs on, and unwind for the rest of the evening.

Be kind and unwind with Cann I Be™ Full Spectrum CBD products. We promise you’ll feel better tomorrow.