Why Full Spectrum CBD is Better

At Perfectly Posh we know that CBD takes pampering to the next level. We love that we can offer many ways to take the edge off your stress, tired muscles, or busy day. All of our top-quality CBD products feature the highest quality CBD available, grown and processed by some of the most experienced experts in the hemp space. It is important to understand where the benefits come from and how Perfectly Posh uses CBD to provide the best pampering experience. We want to help you understand the difference between isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum CBD, and why we believe full spectrum is the way to go.

Let’s start by defining the difference between the three most common types of CBD offered on the market today: 

Isolate CBD

Isolate CBD means that everything except the CBD cannabinoid is stripped from the oil that is removed from the CBD flower and plant. Now this may sound great, but there are two things to consider about isolate CBD:

One, isolate means you don’t get the benefits of all of the cannabinoids. To date, there are at least 113 cannabinoids identified in most hemp plants, with CBD being only one of those. Others include CBG, CBH, and THC. Because some people are nervous about the psychoactive properties of THC, they prefer using only CBD that has been removed from its family of cannabinoids. However, CBD derived from the hemp plant generally has very low levels of THC, and up to 0.3% in any product is legal according to the 2019 Federal Farm Bill. Legally, low levels of THC are not known to have a “high” effect; they are known to help your body better utilize the great effects you get from CBD. In other words, all of these cannabinoids—including trace amounts of THC—make your CBD much more effective.

Two, the process of isolating just CBD from hemp is another concern we have with isolate. Currently, the methods used to extract CBD and create that isolate product require strong detergents in the filtering process. Depending on how your isolate is made and who makes it there are varying degrees of cleanliness and safety involved in the process. Because all are currently quite harsh, we do not offer isolate CBD in Perfectly Posh products.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum is another form of CBD gaining popularity. This includes many of the same “filtering” processes needed to create isolate, but more cannabinoids remain. This process is often done to keep just a few cannabinoids, or even to just remove the THC. For the same reasons we don’t utilize isolate, broad spectrum is not an extraction product we use. 

Trace amounts of THC are believed to be an important factor in the bioavailability of CBD benefits. In other words, allowing the natural blend of all of the cannabidiols to be absorbed into your body means you get the most effective CBD experience. 

Full Spectrum CBD

Not only is full spectrum a cleaner and more natural way to extract a full spectrum CBD, Mother Nature created it with all of the right ingredients you need for maximum absorption and effectiveness. 

At Perfectly Posh, we third party test every batch of full spectrum loaded CBD in our products. Our extraction process is largely done by hand to preserve the maximum number of oil-containing crystals. Then our oil is gently processed with 200 proof alcohol and cold cleaned at -60 Celcius with proprietary medical grade equipment. 

Whether you’re looking for a topical tincture, a soak in a de-stressing bath, or the convenience of our 50MG perfectly portable CBD Skin Stick, Perfectly Posh promises you the highest quality in CBD experiences. 

CBD helps alleviate anxieties, soothe and relax you inside and out, and helps provide a general, overall sense of well being. Perfectly Posh offers CBD in our Cann I Be™ line, and we want you to ask yourself, “Cann I Be More Pampered?” 

Learn more about these cannabinoids below:

CBC is a cannabinoid that is most frequently found in cannabis varieties grown in warmer climates. CBG is a cannabinoid found mainly in hemp products. CBC and CBG, like CBD, are non-psychoactive but their importance lies in the fact that they inhibit the growth of damaged cells. Other benefits include:

  • Decreased discomfort

  • Reduced irritation

  • Inhibits the growth of unhealthy organisms

  • Promotes normal bone growth

CBN combined with CBD will produce beneficial effects, such as:

  • Decreased discomfort

  • Aids in restful sleep

If you dip into the CBD universe, you’ll hear the term “entourage effect” a lot. It can get complicated, but in the simplest terms, an entourage effect refers to the combined benefits you get from using a full spectrum of cannabinoids rather than just using one isolated cannabinoid. It’s all about the multiple benefits you get. Who doesn’t love multiples, right?

Perfectly Posh offers a range of Full Spectrum CBD products, including our first, Cann I Be™ More Pampered Full Spectrum Oil. If you’ve never tried full spectrum CBD oil, we recommend that you start with this product, which features 225 mg of full spectrum CBD. 

There are a plethora of ways to use it. You can mix this minty oil into your favorite Posh products, like body butters and Big Fat Yummy™ Hand Crèmes, put a few droppers full into your warm bath water, or simply rub it directly onto your skin to get super soothing and relaxing benefits. 

Cann you be more pampered? Absolutely! Add Cann I Be More Pampered Full Spectrum Oil to your daily routine for more soothing and relaxing benefits. You’ll find it at perfectlyposh.com.