Get Your Smoothest Feet Ever with Rubby Scrubby Foot Stick

Stick It to Dry Feet

Do your feet look like something out of a horror movie? Don’t touch ‘em! Instead, use Rubby Scrubby™ Exfoliating Foot Stick, a uniquely Posh way to pamper calluses, dry heels, and gnarly cuticles in a convenient stick packed with nature’s best exfoliating ingredients for a satisfying scrub.

What does Rubby Scrubby Do?

  • Effectively removes tough calluses on feet

  • Softens as you scrub for smoothness that lasts

  • Delivers spa-quality exfoliation at home in your bath or shower

  • Gets rid of dry skin buildup on heels

  • Softens thick cuticles to prep toes for polish

  • Deep cleans feet in a hands-off formula

  • Refreshes tired soles with two types of tingly mint

What’s Inside Rubby Scrubby:

Sugarcane-derived exfoliating beads. Other exfoliators use harsh plastic beads that aren’t eco-friendly. Ours are derived from sugarcane, so they dissolve before going down the drain.

Sustainable shea butter. Sourced from the Shea Sisterhood in Ghana, Posh shea butter hydrates and softens rough, tough skin.

Peppermint and spearmint oils. Aromatherapy for tired feet, these oils also help create a tingly feeling as you scrub to soothe and refresh at the end of a long day.

Rosemary and thyme oils. Known for their cleansing properties, these oils detox feet as you exfoliate and fight off the funk of smelly feet.

How to Use Rubby Scrubby:

  1. Soak feet for 5–10 minutes in the bath, shower, or foot bath.

  2. Rub Rubby Scrubby over wet feet, heels, and toes.

  3. Rinse thoroughly and follow with Schwanky & Soft™ Exfoliating Foot Crème.

  4. Quickly rub over feet daily for maintenance in the shower or tub.

Dry, callused, cracked, and rough feet are a thing of the past when you make Rubby Scrubby Exfoliating Foot Stick a part of your daily pampering routine. Make the switch from your regular foot scrub for an at-home pedi that doesn’t even get your hands dirty!