If You're Not Using Charcoal, Is Your Skin Even Clean?

Perfectly Posh The Stripper Body Mud with activated charcoal showing texture in jar

Activated charcoal is a hot trend in skincare right now, but what even is it? And how does charcoal work on your skin?

What is Activated Charcoal?

Turns out activated charcoal is nothing new; in fact, Posh has been using it pretty much since day 1 for its detoxifying benefits, especially for oily skin and clogged pores. Here’s how it’s made:

Step 1: Coconuts are harvested and separated (we use all parts of the coconut; more on that here), then the shells, or husks, are burned at very high temperatures with very little oxygen. The resulting product is charcoal (yes, like the kind you grill with).

Step 2: Charcoal is then purified with steam to remove any residual debris. This process creates tiny cavities, which activates charcoal and increases its absorbency, allowing it to act like a magnet that holds 2000 times its weight in dirt, toxins, and impurities when used on skin.

8 Ways to Use Charcoal for Skin

The Stripper™ Body Mud

In addition to charcoal, this best-selling body mud also features absorbent kaolin clay to unclogs pores from neck to toes (we’re looking at you, bacne) and helps get rid of the toxins your antiperspirant leaves behind when used on your underarms.

Gender Bender™ Chunk Big Bath Bar

When you’re really dirty, this unique black bath bar deep cleans and detoxifies with a universally appealing woodsy amber and citrus fragrance both guys and girls love.

Whole Lava Love™ Face Exfoliator

Scrub away dry, dead skin with volcanic ash and charcoal, plus eco-friendly, exfoliating sugarcane beads in this face treatment with tea tree oil to fight imperfections.

Nothing Phases Me™ Face Serum

Your face gets bombarded with environmental pollutants on the daily; this face serum with liquid charcoal helps fight back while plumping fine lines and wrinkles for an anti-gravity effect. Bonus: it also contains vitamin C to brighten your complexion.

Gender Bender™ Body Scrub

3 times more exfoliating (thanks to pumice and charcoal) then any other Posh body scrub, this exfoliator also contains coconut oil and shea butter for an experience that’s as moisturizing as it is detoxifying.

Hunk Chunk™ Big Bath Bar

Made for guys’ thicker, oilier skin, this tallow-free soap utilizes lava rock, charcoal, and astringent essential oils for an exfoliating and pore cleansing shower that detoxifies skin, then replenishes it with shea butter and probiotic greek yogurt.

Cackle Spackle™ Face Mask

On days when your skin is crawling with excess oil, clogged pores, and imperfections, detox it with kaolin clay, charcoal, and tea tree in this minty mask that’s a favorite of oily-skinned girls.

Sole Sister™ Foot Mask

Did you know that when you use a foot mask it can help detox more than just your feet? Pull out impurities with tingly tea tree and charcoal in this pedicure product that also doubles as an exfoliator.

If you wish your skin was 2,000 times cleaner, start using activated charcoal as part of your skincare routine!