Are You Using the Best Bath Bomb for Your Skin?

Perfectly Posh Spooky Fízi Bath Bombs are the best bath bombs for skin

Is there a single skincare or pampering company out there that isn’t making a bath bomb these days? They’re everywhere! But that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. In fact, most bath bombs are downright scary because they’re filled with drying ingredients like sulfates, which means the longer you soak, the more damage you’re doing to your skin.

The Best Bath Bomb for Skin

We love the indulgence of a bath bomb as much as anyone, but we weren’t about to settle for the same sketchy ingredients every other company uses, so we created Fízi, the most pampering bath bomb ever. And it’s not just what we don’t use (sulfates) that make ours the best.

Beneficial Ingredients in a Fízi Bath Bomb

  • Great Salt Lake Sea Salt. The most magnesium-rich lake in the Western Hemisphere, the Great Salt Lake contributes unique salt that is higher in minerals and more effective at softening, soothing, and hydrating your skin. The longer you bathe, the better your skin looks and feels. (Except for prune-y fingers and toes, we can’t help ya there!)

  • Shea butter from the Shea Sisterhood Co-Op. This sustainably sourced shea butter works to nourish and condition as you soak with skin-loving fatty acids and lots of antioxidants, including vitamin A.

With ingredients this good, you can indulge in a bath bomb (or two, or three) whenever the need to pamper hits, and here’s the best part: Most Fízi fragrances are only available through a Perfectly Posh Influencer, which means that when you shop, you’re supporting an independent small-business owner.

To take your bath to the next level, find an Influencer here. Hit him or her up to see which Fízis they currently have in stock, and get on their mailing list to be notified when new arrivals launch. Speaking of new arrivals, don’t forget to ask about Spooky Fízis for fall, including Howl About It—an orange Fízi fragranced with mango, and Ghouls Paradise—a gorgeous purple Fízi fragranced with sweet sugar, cassis, and violet petals.

Need even more of a Fízi fix? Each Posh to Meet You™ Bundle includes a trio of select bath bombs, plus your choice of Big Fat Yummy™ Hand Crème, and a Chunk™ Big Bath Bar for a mini pampering routine filled with better-for-you ingredients.

Don’t let a sulfate-filled bath bomb ruin your tub time. Make the switch to Fízi and experience a better bath than you’ve ever had before.