Influencer Recognition

Brianna Strawn

Perfectly Posh Influencer Brianna Strawn and family
Hello everyone! My name is Brianna Strawn, Premier Posh Leader of the Harry Poshers. You might be wondering who I am and why you should care about what I have to say. But I can assure you that I am just like you.

No really, I am.

I’m always trying to make the best decisions for the family: Are they eating enough healthy food? Is he going to the best school? Did he do his homework? Are they watching too much TV? But the big one always rearing its ugly head... money and finances. Sound familiar?

I tend to wear a lot of hats on a daily basis: wife, stay-at-home mom to two littles, “taxi” to school, photographer, graphic designer, Posh Influencer, and more. All in order to try and keep some money in the bank to help pay the bills and keep my sanity. It’s hard, I will not sugar coat this life I lead. However, one thing has made all of it so much better. Posh.

Before Posh we were struggling to not let our bank account sink into a negative balance in the summer. Living in Arizona, electric bills tend to climb to astronomical heights, and that’s with keeping our house at what most would feel are uncomfortable temperatures! But this year, Posh has paid for our electric and water bills all summer. We have money in our account for the first time in years! That’s not even the best part though. Seriously, it’s not.

The best thing that this soap and lotion side gig has paid for are my student loans. Not only are they paid off, but we paid them off EARLY! The day that I hit the confirmation button to pay off the balance was one of the best days of my life. Jumping up and down, tears-of-joy type of days. Nearly ten years of payments were finally over and it absolutely could not have been possible without the help of Posh.

Now I don’t know who you are, but I do know that whatever your situation may be, it is always possible to change it. Will that change be easy? Maybe not. But could it change everything? Absolutely.
— Brianna Strawn

Laura Kirby

Perfectly Posh Influencer Laura Kirby
Everything at UnCon was amazing, but I absolutely LOVED the opportunity to test different prototype products that are currently being considered for upcoming releases. To be able to try out new fragrances, experience new formulas, and provide my feedback was very exciting. Spoiler alert: they were ALL awesome!
— Laura Kirby

BoWynn Ashworth

Perfectly Posh Influencer BoWynn Ashworth and author Rachel Hollis at UnCon 2019
UnCon 2019 was one of my favorites from the past 5 1/2 years with Posh. It was so hard for me to choose one thing that stood out the most. But if I HAD to choose, it would be the Rachel Hollis experience.

When the incentive to meet her was announced, I knew in my heart it was something I wanted to do. At that time, my business had hit a lull and I would need to step up my game in order to make it into the top 5! So I made a plan. I shared the Posh opportunity with EVERYONE. I told my close friends and accountability partners that I wanted that meet and greet. I visualized what I would wear, what I would say, how it would feel... as the incentive period came to a close, doubt crept in. I pushed it aside and kept pushing. I thought MAYBE I would snag the #5 spot. MAYBE. When Ann announced the winners and I was #1, I cried! Legit cried! So much work, so many emotions, and at the end of the month I ended with 22 recruits, 9 of which had over $50 in PV!

When the day came to meet Rachel Hollis, I was overjoyed, excited, and nervous. Her presentation was on point! So many a-ha moments. It was like she was speaking to me! I chose one of my very best friends to come with me. Meeting Rachel was truly the icing on the cake. Because while meeting her was so worth it, it was the journey to get there that I will treasure the most. It was an incredible reminder to set BIG goals, hold yourself accountable, don’t look back, push doubt aside, and it gave me incredible momentum to launch into fall and make it my best season ever!
— BoWynn Ashworth

Susan Huston

Perfectly Posh Influencer Susan Huston
The most valuable thing I’ve learned (and yes, I needed to hear it AGAIN this year at UnCon) was to not look back! I’m NOT going that way! I can look back on the darkest part of my life and say, “Girl, YOU MADE IT!”

If I can make it through the worst days in my life, I can get through anything. So if I can help someone else feel even a little bit better as they struggle through the day, then by God, I’m going to be there with a hand crème or a foot scrub and a high five because every day that we wake up in the morning we can say, “Congrats! We made it through another day! Now keep going!”
— Susan Huston

Mary Trader

Perfectly Posh Influencer Mary Trader
When asked why I love Posh so much, it’s really hard to think of just one thing. I haven’t purchased a product that I do not love! Everything I’ve tried works just as well as promised or better! I’ve had nothing but great experiences when it comes to Posh Support. Everyone involved has been so friendly and willing to help. Motivation comes easy when it’s about Posh. Since I’ve never had a bad experience with a Posh product, I find it easy to advertise items. I want people to enjoy the lovely scents, feel refreshed after a mask, or soft after a crème. I want everyone to know about Posh and the benefits.

Another huge motivator is my friend and sponsor, Becki Dillard. She’s been so supportive and always there when I have any questions. I want to make her proud and show her that I, too, can come out of my “shy-shell,” become more confident, and make an impact within the Posh community!

One tip that I’d like to share would be “Don’t give up.” When I first signed up, I had no idea how I was going to start the process. Once I created a Facebook group, I had no idea how I was going to post without feeling as if I was bothering people with too many posts. I had no idea about a lot of things, but I joined Posh groups, ordered more products, and eventually things started coming naturally. I’ve learned a lot, and I do not have to ask nearly as many questions. I’ve gotten more comfortable with reaching out to people about products, I’m more confident when it comes to describing/explaining products, and all around I feel like I’m getting better with Posh.
— Mary Trader

Obi Kalu

Perfectly Posh Pink Influencer Obi Kalu
OMP! I fell in love with Perfectly Posh products through a co-worker and good friend of mine. I was first drawn to Posh by the BIG Chunk™ soap bars. They looked like they would last a long time and they do. The names were so clever too, so I reached out to my friend and bought a few.

I finally decided to join Perfectly Posh when I noticed how much money I could have been earning from my orders. Posh did a lovely thing at the time of when you ordered as a customer it told you how much you could have made from that order if you were an Influencer. I made a large order through my friend’s site for the holidays and Posh again reminded me that I could have made over $60.00 in commission if I was an Influencer, and that did it for me. I joined Posh under her (she was never pushy and did not have to be because Posh sold itself) and have been with Posh now for over 3 years.

I truly enjoy Posh, and it is easy to keep motivated to use and share Posh when you love the items yourself. The addition of new products is always so exciting as Posh comes up with some great products. I like the fact that I am being paid to get products I would be using anyway. That alone is a benefit because think about it, do you get paid for your purchases at other places you shop at? Posh and the commissions I have earned have kept my account out of the negative many times over! I look at it this way; If you are going to order it from Posh, may as well put a little back in your pocket.

I enjoy being a part of Perfectly Posh and encourage all to take a closer look at Posh and see how it can make a difference (even a small one) in your life. Happy Poshing, and remember, you are beautiful and worth it!
— Obi Kalu

Kristin Toy

Perfectly Posh Influencer Kristin Toy
I started selling Perfectly Posh after using the products for a month, during which I fell in love! I have started bringing Perfectly Posh products to all get togethers and events to get my family and friends hooked!
— Kristin Toy