8 Jelly Products Your Skin is Thirsty For

So Jelly Face Mask up-close texture showing jelly product for skin

Jelly-textured products are trending hard right now, and what kind of pampering experts would we be if we didn’t give you plenty of fun options to play with—still packed with the best naturally based ingredients, of course. Here’s everything you need to know about why jelly products are popular, why they’re more than just a passing fad, and how to incorporate them into your routine.

Why is Jelly so Hot Right Now?

Products with jelly-like bases are ideal for warm weather because they’re cooling and soothing on skin. (Try keeping your jelly products in the fridge for extra pampering. We’re getting tingles just thinking about it.) Originally an Asian-beauty trend, this unique and fun texture isn’t going anywhere soon because it delivers benefits that are hard to come by in just any old formula.

10 Benefits of Jelly

  • It holds a lot of water

  • It boosts skin’s moisture barrier

  • It’s hydrating

  • It applies smoothly

  • It absorbs almost instantly

  • It firms skin’s appearance

  • It’s soothing for sensitive skin

  • It’s lightweight for oily skin

  • A little goes a long way

  • It’s fun to use!

8 Jelly Products Your Skin is Thirsty For

So Jelly™ Face Mask

For a youthful glow that will make everyone jealous, try this sparkling pomegranate and citrus face mask with a juicy boost of anti-aging resveratrol and antioxidants from superfruit extracts to reduce the appearance of fine lines, boost collagen, and guard against environmental pollutants that contribute to premature aging.

Moss Be Love™ Face Mask

The cool jelly texture (we call it a gelée) of Moss Be Love feels amazing on parched skin as it deeply hydrates with pure Irish moss, kale, kiwi, apples, and spinach that your skin will drink right up. For an extra refreshing experience, try storing it in the fridge.

You’re a Smoothie™ Body Serum

Right out of the shower, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as You’re a Smoothie, which transforms from a jelly into a lightweight serum that melts into skin, quenching it with tons of moisture from omega fatty acids 3, 6, and 9, sustainable shea butter, and pure manuka honey, fragranced with strawberry and elderberry nectar.

Under Control™ Mattifying Hydro Gel Crème

Oily skin types know how frustrating it can be to achieve a matte look. Enter Under Control, a mattifying daily moisturizer to control oil and shine with bamboo extract and zinc in a jelly crème that hydrates without feeling heavy, thanks to matcha green tea water and sodium hyaluronate. Bonus: it’s also oil free, fragrance free, and silicone free.

Give Him Gel™ Gel-to-Water Body Moisturizer for Men

Guys, get in on the jelly trend! Men’s thicker, oilier skin will love the electrolyte-rich hydration of Give Him Gel that absorbs quickly and feels invisible on skin. Aloe vera, coconut water, and marine plant extracts deliver lasting hydration scented with warm cedar, black oud, and white grapefruit.

Show Me the Honey™ Face Mask

If a pot of honey and a bowl of jello somehow combined, it would create the soothing texture of Show Me the Honey Face Mask, which nourishes skin with Whole Hive Complex—a blend of pure manuka honey, honey extract, royal jelly, and propolis to calm your complexion and reduce the appearance of imperfections.

Show and Gel™ Hydrating Body Gel

Show and Gel uses gel-to-water technology to pamper seriously thirsty skin. One minute, you’re massing in a hydrating gel filled with hyaluronic acid and prickly pear cactus oil, and the next minute it’s transformed into a smoothing and soothing water-based formula scented with a hint of fresh green lemongrass.

Hold Me™ Magical Unicorn Illuminating Primer

Work this bouncy, pudding-like primer between finger and press onto skin for a no-filter look that energizes your complexion with diamond powder and pearl, blurs imperfections, and locks on makeup like a magnet all day. Prefer a bare face? Hold Me can be worn without makeup for a hydrated, flawless glow.

If you’re a little late to the jelly game, don’t wait any longer! Try a jelly product today for a fun pampering experience unlike anything you’ve used before. It’ll make you actually look forward to taking care of your skin, and that’s a trend that will never go out of style!