Rebound: The Perfect Face Mask for Shaving and Ingrown Hair

Perfectly Posh Rebound Face Mask for Men with charcoal and blue-green algae, best men’s face mask for shaving and ingrown hair

If you shave your face, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced an ingrown hair. There’s an even better chance that you’re not using the one product that could make your shaving routine even better. Keep reading to find out why Rebound™ Face Mask for Men is a must-have product for guys’ thicker, oilier skin and larger pores. And why girls might want to give it a try too. Hint: it smells like sea salt, weathered woods, and clean musk.

Top 5 Benefits of Rebound Face Mask

  1. Works deep to clear out dirt and impurities from larger pores and thicker, oilier skin.

  2. Specifically formulated to cleanse rough, tough skin.

  3. Tightens pores and reduces fine lines so you look younger.

  4. Hydrates and refreshes skin—you won’t feel dried out after you use it.

  5. Perfect if you experience ingrown hairs or irritation after shaving.

What’s In Rebound Face Mask?

Thermal Mud. Clogged pores contribute to ingrown hairs, breakouts, and bumps after shaving. Thermal mud help absorb excess oil and dead skin cells that can clog your pores, so skin looks clear.

Charcoal. Think of charcoal as a dirt magnet for skin. It adsorbs up to 2,000 times its own weight in dirt, grime, and impurities that can contribute to breakouts.

Blue-Green Algae. A type of seaweed, blue-green algae functions as an anti-aging ingredient to lift and firm so your face looks younger and fresher.

Matcha Green Tea. Chock full of antioxidants, matcha green tea helps protect skin against environmental pollutants that stress out skin. It’s especially great to use with a shaving routine, because you’re exposing fresh skin that could use extra support against environmental stressors.

Sunflower Seed Oil. Naturally soothing and softening sunflower seed oil hydrates skin and nourishes hair follicles, so whether you prefer to go clean shaven or keep a little stubble, you feel comfortable in your own skin.

7 Tips for Using Rebound Face Mask

  • Use 2–3 times/week

  • Apply to clean, dry skin

  • Avoid the eye area

  • Leave on for 10 minutes

  • Can be applied to bare skin or directly over beard

  • Rinse well after using

  • Follow with moisturizer; we love Under Control™ Hydro Gel Crème

So if you shave, or prefer a beard, or you just experience an overly oily complexion and large pores, give Rebound Face Mask a try—because no matter who you are, you deserve pampered, clean, and soothed skin.