How to Find Your Smoothest Skin with a Posh Body Scrub

Perfectly Posh exfoliating body scrubs for smoother skin, shot showing texture of Posh body scrubs for dry and flaky skin

There are a million (okay, maybe like… 5) really good reasons to use a body scrub or body polish. But if you though a scrub is a scrub is a scrub, you might be missing out on one of the most pampering experiences for your skin. Customize your next bath or shower with the best body scrub for your skin type.

5 Really Good Reasons to Use a Body Scrub

  1. Body scrubs remove dead skin cells that make your complexion look dull.

  2. Body scrubs allow your moisturizers to penetrate deeper, because butters and oils aren’t wasted on dry surface skin.

  3. Body scrubs help your skin look healthy by allowing fresh, nourished skin cells to shine.

  4. Body scrubs allow you to get a closer shave by lifting hair away from the surface of your skin.

  5. Body scrubs, much like dry brushing, increase blood flow as you massage them across your skin, which supports collagen and lymph and facilitates nutrient delivery from the inside out.

How to Find the Best Body Scrub For your Skin

When you want a daily refresher


Not only is Sassyooma™ Body Scrub’s jelly texture fun to use, it smells juicy and fresh like sweet orchard citrus and oh-so-gently exfoliates skin with orange peel powder.

When you want a polished look

Lady Limoncello

With rice bran powder and sugar to buff and polish, Lady Limoncello™ Body Scrub refines skin for an effortlessly pretty glow while moisturizing and soothing with a touch of honey.

When you need to be aggressive

Gender Bender

Great for guys and gals, Gender Bender™ Body Scrub is packed with activated charcoal to detoxify skin as you exfoliate with pumice and coarse salt, plus clarifying eucalyptus oil, because sometimes life gets really dirty.

When you just want it all

Pink Kimono

Don’t be fooled by its pretty pink color, Pink Kimono™ Body Scrub is seriously good at slaying scaly skin with dragon fruit and coconut cleansers, plus sustainably-sourced shea butter.

Find your smoothest skin when you shop body scrubs now; we guarantee it will be the very best part of your next shower or bath.