Calm and Hydrate Skin with Impress Me Probiotic Face Serum

Perfectly Posh Impress Me Intensive Hydration Probiotic Press Serum Moisturizer in open jar showing velvety texture on rose gold quartz background

When it comes to sensitive skin, it’s easy to blame your genetics, but new research shows that some of the redness, tightness, and itchiness sensitive skin often experiences is actually the result of imbalances in your complexion’s microbiome. Cue Poshbiotics™, a proprietary blend of prebiotic and probiotic skincare ingredients designed to support your skin’s natural microbiome. One of our favorite ways to use prebiotic and probiotic ingredients is Impress Me™ Intensive Hydration Probiotic Pressed Serum Moisturizer.

Benefits of Using Posh’s Probiotic Face Serum

  • Poshbiotics instantly calm and soothe sensitive skin on your face and neck

  • Poshbiotics maintain skin’s delicate bacteria balance for an overall healthier appearance

  • Poshbiotics strengthen skin’s microbiome, reducing dryness and signs of irritation

  • It features a unique, velvety texture that melts into skin for lightweight wear

  • It transforms from a bouncy cream into a moisturizing serum for all skin types

7 Soothing Ingredients in Impress Me Face Serum

Black tea kombucha

Kombucha, one of the most popular probiotics, helps maintain the delicate harmony of friendly bacteria on skin’s surface for a healthier looking complexion. The fermentation process of kombucha helps break down ingredient molecules into smaller sizes that are more readily absorbed by your skin, plus products with fermented ingredients like probiotic kombucha typically require fewer preservatives, which further reduces irritation for sensitive skin.

Fermented red wine resveratrol

A powerhouse antioxidant known as a polyphenol, resveratrol from red wine grapes helps fight off environmental pollutants that can lead to a free radical invasion of skin’s microbiome, supporting a stronger barrier function and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful complexion.

Bifida ferment lysate

One of the best probiotics for skin, bifida ferment lysate works to visibly repair UV damage for younger looking skin without the appearance of premature photo-aging. Topical application results in better barrier function and soothed, calmer skin with significantly decreased sensitivity.

Burdock Root

A natural cleanser and skin soother, burdock root reduces the appearance of dry, flakey skin while helping maintain skin’s microbiome for a balanced looking complexion that feels comfortable, not tight and dehydrated. It’s ideal for sensitive, aging skin, as it both calms and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Milk protein

If your skin is dry, sensitive, or inflamed, polypeptides in milk protein help provide relief by hydrating and locking in moisture for long-lasting nourishment. Due to milk’s amino acid content, it helps improve skin’s elasticity so it feels supple and soft all day long.

Hydrogenated lecithin

This moisturizing ingredient from egg liposomes helps balance your microbiome and supports skin’s barrier function to help dry, flakey complexions look supple and soft. It soothes and calms damaged, sensitive skin for a healthier, improved appearance, resulting in a porcelain K-beauty complexion that looks completely flawless.

Shea butter

As the base of Impress Me Probiotic Face Serum, rich shea butter provides enough lasting moisture to skin that Impress Me functions as a 2-in-1 serum and face moisturizer for most skin types. Used for centuries to calm and hydrate, shea butter is full of nourishing fatty acids and antioxidants, as well as vitamin A, to promote younger looking, soothed skin.

How to Use Impress Me Probiotic Face Serum

Adding Poshbiotics into your skincare routine is as easy as swapping out your current face serum and moisturizer for Impress Me.

Step 1: Cleanse

We recommend using Egg on Your Face™ Face Wash with prebiotics and probiotics from yogurt, lactobacillus, bifida ferment lysate, and black tea kombucha.

Step 2: Tone

Toners aren’t what they used to be back in the 90s! If it’s been awhile since you’ve used one, check out Well Adjusted™ Face Toner, an alcohol-free option that hydrates and balances pH while pampering pores with exfoliating glycolic acid and lentil extract.

Step 3: Moisturize

Apply a dime-sized amount of Impress Me to face and neck by gently pressing the product into your skin with your fingertips. To maintain freshness, be sure to replace the disk insert after use (don’t throw it away). Repeat this application both morning and night.

Step 4: Protect

Don’t forget to follow up with sunscreen in the day! UVA/UVB rays are the number one enemy of your microbiome. We recommend using Block It Like It’s Hot™ SPF 30 Face Crème to get added hydration from aloe vera and brightening vitamin C, which is often deficient in sensitive skin.

Have you tried using Impress Me Probiotic Face Serum? Share your results in the comments!