You've Got to Meet These New Rapid Riser Influencers

Perfectly Posh Rapid Risers announcement

At Perfectly Posh, we believe hard work should be richly rewarded, which is why we offer plenty of incentives for our Influencers. One of the ways we say thank you is by acknowledging our Rapid Risers, the 3 newest Influencers who sell $500 and add to their teams the fastest in a given month. In addition to recognition, prizes, and awards, we feel like these awesome Influencers deserve a shout out on the Posh Blog.

2019 Perfectly Posh Rapid Risers

Stephanie Peters

Get the product on people and they will love it! It will sell itself.”
— Stephanie Peters

Carey Self

Perfectly Posh Rapid Riser Influencer Carey Self

You know the saying, “Don’t mess with Texas?” Texas gal and new Posh Influencer Carey Self is living proof of it! We’re so proud of her for becoming one of our June Rapid Risers, getting right to work on the pampering pursuit.

People will see your enthusiasm when you share Posh. Following up with each and every client is key to getting them to order the products. They know I care about them and that I want them to be pampered!
— Carey Self

Brittany Harbison

Perfectly Posh Rapid Riser Influencer Brittany Harbison

New to Posh in June of 2019, Brittany is a momma of 2 and lives in Tennessee. Here’s her tip for becoming a Rapid Riser:

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Reach out to old friends, acquaintances, the people you speak with in your day-to-day life. You never know who is looking for something to put a smile of their face. Even if it’s just some sample packets, people remember these gestures and will want to come back fo you for more.
— Brittany Harbison

Nicole Setree

Perfectly Posh Rapid Riser Nicole Setree

Nikki is a Pink Influencer and also works for Lexington County Sheriff’s Department. She loves being a “boy mom” to her 13 year old son and Poshing South Carolina!

Share Posh products with everyone! Every time . you go somewhere, hand our a few samples and your business card. Between loving these products and the company, it makes it so easy to be and Influencer. I don’t feel like I’m selling, I’m just sharing my favorite products with everyone!
— Nicole Setree

Sallie Iovino

Perfectly Posh Influencer Sallie Lovino earned May 2019 Rapid Riser recognition award

Sallie is a wife and mom, self-described crafty girl, a reiki master, a Buffalo Bills fan, and a Salesforce guru. In addition to Posh, Sallie works at an international publishing company in New York.

I sell a lot of what I gush about, using my own experience as a review... and it works!
— Sallie Iovino

Congratulations to these other Rapid Risers:

Brooke Rudolph

Jennifer Hollandbarnes

Tamara Babcock

Megan Raley

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