The Primer Guide: All Your Flawless Face Questions Answered

Blonde woman in fluffy white robe applying Perfectly Posh Hold Me Magical Unicorn Illuminating Face Primer for flawless and glowing skin

Model is using Perfectly Posh Hold Me™ Magical Unicorn Illuminating Face Primer.

Every beauty brand worth their salt has at least one primer these days, but what are face primers and how exactly do they work? (And are they worth it?)

What are the benefits of face primers for skin?

  • Primers help reduce the appearance of large pores

  • Primers promote even skin tone

  • Primers reduce excess shine in oily skin

  • Primers help smooth fine lines and wrinkles

  • Primers add extra hydration to skin

  • Primers help calm redness and reduce the appearance of irritation

  • Primers block out environmental stressors and lock in skincare ingredients

The best face primers are formulated with ingredients that tackle common skin issues like large pores, uneven skin tone, excess oil, dehydration, and signs of sensitivity or aging skin. Because all primers can be worn with or without makeup, you don’t need to use foundation or other cosmetics to enjoy the benefits of a good face primer. In fact, the best face primers have similar benefits as face serums, the difference being that you use a serum before your moisturizer, and you use a primer after. By doubling up, you’ll see faster improvement of targeted skin issues; it’s your last skincare step to lock out all the bad and lock in all the good.

How do face primers work with makeup?

  • Primers create a smooth base to keep foundation from caking

  • Primers help lock makeup in place all day

  • Primers help makeup last, because flawless surfaces don’t need touching up

Face primers create grip where moisturizers and serums create slip. Primers give your makeup something to hold onto. They’re an essential step if you want your makeup to last all day. A good face primer contains ingredients that lock your makeup in place while hydrating skin, whereas your regular face moisturizer adds in oils, which are great at keeping skin soft and supple but create too slick of a base for long-lasting makeup. Layering a primer over your moisturizer gives you the best of both worlds.

How do I apply a face primer?

  1. Cleanse, tone, apply your serum, and moisturize skin; wait for your moisturizer to absorb.

  2. Gently press a pea-sized amount of primer into skin.

  3. Wait a minute or two for your primer to set, then apply makeup (if using).

What Primers does Perfectly Posh offer?

We’re constantly updating our lineup of primers with the most trend-forward and beneficial skin ingredients. Check out the current lineup (#poshfilter):

Hold Me™ Magical Unicorn Illuminating Primer

This unique, jelly textured primer is ideal for creating a glassy, flawless complexion. Diamond and pearl powder blur imperfections to give skin an illuminated, pearlescent, and filter-free look as hydrating kiwi fruit water and silver ear mushroom extract lock in your skincare ingredients, meaning you don’t even need makeup to achieve a healthy glow. When used with cosmetics, Hold Me locks them in place for ultra-long wear, no matter your age or skin type.

Under Wonder™ Anti-Aging Primer

Infused with sodium hyaluronate and replenishing cholesterol, Under Wonder vegan face primer is especially ideal for supporting collagen. It seals in moisture to create a protective barrier on skin and uses antioxidants from green tea to ward off environmental stressors that can cause signs of aging. It’s lightweight texture is great for all skin types, even oily, who are also starting to see signs of aging like fine lines.

Primed Vial ™ Lip Primer

Your lips can benefit from a primer too! Primed is an essential color-locking primer formulated to be used with our Vial Long-Wear Lip Shades. It moisturizes and grips color with microcapsules of fermented desert date oil and conditioning sunflower oil while sealing lips with vegan beeswax so they don’t dry out.

Are Primers Worth It?

Absolutely! We don’t know about you, but our lives are too busy to be spent touching up our makeup. And even if you’re not into cosmetics, the benefits of today’s primers go far beyond locking your foundation in place. As a stand-alone product they blur imperfections for a filter-free, flawless complexion that only takes seconds. Tell us why you love your primer in the comments below!