Posh Scopes: Cancer

Cancer zodiac sign in Posh pink for Posh Scopes: Cancer 2019 horoscope blog

June 21–July 22

Element: Water

Ruling planet: The Moon

Colors: White, Sea Green, Light Blue

Day: Monday

Gems: Ruby, Moonstone, Emerald

Flower: White Roses

The most nurturing and maternal sign of the zodiac, you’re a homebody who loves caring for your nearest and dearest, Cancer. You cling all things sentimental and nostalgic, preferring to create deep roots and avoid change. Cancers let their emotions and intuition guide them, rather than logic and intellect, and go with their gut instincts; just be careful you’re not projecting feelings onto those around you and mistaking your emotions for theirs. When you focus too much on caring for others, it can make you overly sensitive, competitive, and passive aggressive. Take time to care for yourself first so you’re better able to support friends and family.

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Now through January, the stars are pointing for you to step out of your comfort zone, Cancer, and show the world who you really are. Although it’s not like you to steal the spotlight, this is your time to shine! Focus on loving yourself, speak up, and own it. It’s not about being the perfect version of yourself, it’s about embracing the person you are today. Examine your life and find where you’re clinging to codependency—what are your emotional security blankets? Shake them off and take control of your life! While you may feel like you’re letting people down or hurting feelings by speaking your own truth, those around you will likely enjoy being coddled a little less and want to see you happy.

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10 Reasons We Love Cancer

  1. You’re always there to lend a helping hand

  2. You’re an amazing chef

  3. You host the best parties

  4. You’re a hopeless romantic at heart

  5. You’re passionate about what you love

  6. You score amazing finds at thrift stores and antique shops

  7. You love independent films, art galleries, and museums

  8. You can make any place feel homey and warm

  9. You have psychic-level intuition

  10. You’re incredibly patient

Mantra for the Month: Home is a feeling, not a place.