The Posh Way to Avoid These 10 Common Summer Skin Issues

Perfectly Posh Show and Gel Gel-to-Water Body Moisturizer stylized on palm leaf with aloe vera and coconut

Summer is finally here, and with it all the skin issues that warmer weather brings. Thankfully, you can pamper your way out of the most common summer skin issues by using your favorite Posh products.

The Best Products to Pamper Summer Skin

Summer Skin Issue: Sunburns and sun damage

Summer days mean more exposure to UVA/UVB rays, the leading cause of premature aging in skin (hello wrinkles and age spots). You know you should be wearing sunscreen daily, so make this summer the year you finally get on top of your SPF game. Your future self will thank you.

The Pampering Posh Solution: Block It Like It’s Hot™ SPF 30 Face Crème

Not only is it a great daily SPF for your face, Block It Like It’s Hot also contains hydrating aloe vera to quench thirsty summer skin and it’s loaded with antioxidant blood orange extract to help brighten dark spots.

Summer Skin Issue: Yard work is taking a toll on your hands

Summer is the season of get-your-hands-dirty, which is great except that yours are starting to look a bit dry and rough. But most hand crème leaves you feeling greasy, which is especially gross when it’s hot and humid outside.

The Pampering Posh Solution: Big Fat Yummy™ Hand Crème

Formulated with non-greasy apricot kernel oil, plus other lightweight moisturizers like coconut, aloe vera, and antioxidant vitamin E, Big Fat Yummy Hand Crèmes are a long-standing Posh fave (and Splurge fave) for a reason. In a variety of fun and seasonal fragrances, there’s something for everyone.

Summer Skin Issue: Your feet aren’t sandal-ready

Who has the time or money for weekly pedicures at the spa? No, seriously, we’re asking—tell us how you do it! For the rest of us, the occasional pedi is a pampering splurge, but not nearly enough to get us through a whole summer with soft, callus-free feet.

The Pampering Posh Solution: Schwanky & Soft™ Exfoliating Foot Crème

This isn’t just any old moisturizer; Schwanky & Soft contains exfoliating glycolic acid, which—when used daily—helps keep feet looking smooth and pedicure fresh so you can go ahead and pull out those strappy sandals.

Summer Skin Issue: Bacne

You thought the days of teenage breakouts were over, but now you’re breaking out all over your back (and the rest of your body). To make matters worse, you have to wear an off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dress to your cousin’s wedding next week. Why couldn’t this happen during sweater weather instead?!

The Pampering Posh Solution: The Stripper™ Body Mask

The Stripper was designed for awkward moments like these. It’s full of a strong concentration of kaolin clay and activated charcoal, which adsorbs up to 2,000 times its weight in impurities, to banish dirt, excess oil, and debris from your body, unclogging pores without drying out your skin.

Summer Skin Issue: Itchy bug bites

Ah, summer. The season when you become a walking buffet for mosquitoes and other tiny biters. Rather than scratching, pamper your way out of the itch and discomfort of bothersome bug bites.

The Pampering Posh Solution: The Purifier™ Skin Stick

Clarifying eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils soothe bumps in The Purifier Skin Stick that’s perfect for summer’s on-the-go lifestyle, from camping to cook-outs, hikes and happy hour on the front porch. Tea tree helps detox while eucalyptus calms in a soothing shea butter and beeswax base.

Summer Skin Issue: You’re so pale you’re practically see through

You’re feeling a little self-conscious about rocking your new bikini and it’s not because you put on a few extra pounds. TBH, you’re worried people will be blinded by your shockingly pale complexion. But you’re not about to fake bake and risk skin cancer just for a summer tan.

The Pampering Posh Solution: Fake It ‘til You Make It™ Gradual Tanning Lotion

All self tanners are not the same (re: not all self tanners will not make you orange and streaky). If you haven’t tried Fake It ‘til You Make It yet, you’re missing out on a natural looking, summer glow that builds gradually and doesn’t have that signature “fake tan” smell you can’t stand. Bonus: it moisturizes with sustainable shea butter and sodium hyaluronate.

Summer Skin Issue: It’s too freakin’ hot

You’re sweaty and it’s not cute. Rather than crank up the AC (and your AC bill), a nice cool shower might be just the thing to help you feel refreshed and more like yourself again.

The Pampering Posh Solution: Dew Me Right™ So Soapy

4 kinds of coconut fragranced with a splash of cool cucumber and mint? If summer was a soap bar, this would be it. Help skin feel cool and calm as you wash with Dew Me Right’s luxurious lather, rich in nourishing vitamins A, B6, C, and E, sustainable palm oil, and shea butter from our Shea Sisterhood Co-Op, plus double the refreshing cucumber mint fragrance compared to Chunk™ Big Bath Bars.

Summer Skin Issue: Your jiggling in places you don’t want

Remember back in January when you made that goal (again) that this would be the year you finally got in shape? Well, here we are in June and your short shorts are still sitting tucked away in a bottom dresser drawer.

The Pampering Posh Solution: Hips Don’t Lie™ Caffeinated Body Crème

Body issues? What body issues?! Hips Don’t Lie keeps things in check with a double dose of firming and tightening caffeine from guaraná extract, plus smoothing cupuaçu butter and antioxidant açaí extract to help reduce the appearance of cellulite around your hips and thighs while providing lightweight moisture perfect for summer. Did we mention it smells like dragon fruit and lime?

Summer Skin Issue: You wore sunscreen, but you still got burnt

Maybe you forgot to reapply, maybe you were using an expired bottle from the bottom of your beach bag, maybe you just missed a spot. Whatever the case, now you’re sunburned and your skin feels like it’s on fire. (Maybe it will turn into a tan?) Rest easy little lobster, we’ve got you covered.

The Pampering Posh Solution: Show and Gel™ Hydrating Body Gel

This super-light formula of aloe vera, coconut water, and vitamin E from prickly pear cactus is ideal for skin that’s had too much fun in the sun, plus Show and Gel contains soothing lavender oil and fermented radish to fight off free radical pollutants (aka UVA/UVB damage). With unique gel-to-water technology and tons of hydrating hyaluronic acid, this is the cooling drink your skin craves.

Summer Skin Issue: Your face is freaking out

Seasonal changes can wreak havoc on your complexion, especially during summer. One minute you’re super oily, the next you’ve got flakey dry spots. What gives?

The Pampering Posh Solution: Well Adjusted™ Face Toner

If you’re not currently using a toner, now is the time to start, especially if that toner is Well Adjusted. With glycolic acid to exfoliate dull skin layers and help clean pores, it keeps dry areas soothed and oily skin in check. Plus it contains lentil extract for a flawless complexion and beta-glucan to help calm redness.

How do you solve your summer skin issues? We’d love to hear your tips in the comments!