9 Pampering Tips for the Best Shower Routine of Your Life

Outdoor shower with rainfall shower head, how to create a pampering Posh shower routine

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with baths here at Posh, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t show showers a little love too. While a long soak with a good book or celeb gossip mag is the perfect recipe for relaxation, sometimes you need a faster pampering experience—or hey, maybe you’re just not into baths. We get it. There’s something calming about warm water running over you as pillows of steam billow in your bathroom.

So for everyone on team shower, here’s your guide to the ultimate pampering shower routine:

How to Create a Posh Shower Routine

Warm Your Robe

If you’ve never slipped into a warm robe or wrapped up in warm towel at the spa, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. (If we had to choose between being rescued by a hot lifeguard or cuddling up in a warm robe, we’d pick the robe.) Recreate the experience at home by throwing yours in the dryer on low so you can wrap up in it after you’ve dried off.

Wash your Face

Yes, you can wash your face in the shower. We do it all the time with BFF: Best Face Forever™ Exfoliating Face Wash because we love the aromatherapy bonus of grapefruit and peppermint. But when you wash your face beforehand it gives you time to apply a pre-shower face mask. So if you’re not in a rush, wash at the sink first for a deeper pampering experience.

Add Candles and Music

Just like a bath, showers are better when you set the mood. Bluetooth a playlist you love to a portable speaker and light plenty of candles so you can turn off the bathroom light for a dim, spa-like ambiance.


Detox your body—think armpits, plus chest, back, and booty (thanks, hormonal acne)—with The Stripper™ Body Mask, filled with activated charcoal and clay to deep clean buildup in your pores. You can leave it on for 1–15 minutes before rinsing. For face, we love moisturizing masks like Show Me the Honey™ with manuka honey and glycerin because once you step into the shower the steam helps open up pores for deeper benefits. Steer clear of peel-off and sheet masks though—the humidity can make them slide off/prevent them from setting.


Once you’re in the shower, lather up with a Chunk™ Big Bath Bar, So Soapy™ Bath Bar, or your favorite sulfate-free body wash. (We can’t get enough of limited-edition Kiwi, Do You Love Me™ Juicy Booty Shower Jelly.) If your skin is especially dry, focus on areas that tend to sweat more and go easy on areas that are exposed, like arms and legs. Look for cleansers with naturally based butters and oils, like sustainable shea butter and palm, and steer clear of animal-derived tallow, which can leave an icky film on skin.


Dry areas (think heels, calluses, legs, and elbows) soften up the longer you’re in the shower, making this the perfect time to scrub. Plus, exfoliating before you shave helps your razor get closer to the skin’s surface for longer-lasting results. We love Lady Limoncello™ Body Scrub, or for sensitive skin, use a gentle body scrub like Sassyooma™. Extra rough areas will love our most aggressive exfoliator, The Healer™ Snarky Bar, with sugarcane-derived scrubbing beads. You’ll also find these in Rubby Scrubby™ Exfoliating Foot Stick to keep your feet super soft.


If you’re shaving anything in the shower, now is the ideal time. You’ve removed any dull, dead skin that prevents a close shave and you’ve lifted hair up and away from the follicle by exfoliating. For a little extra softness, try using Good Hydrations™ In Shower Lotion with soothing lavender as a shaving lotion to keep skin calm. If your face mask is still on, rinse it off now.


Before you dry off, moisturize your skin. Damp skin locks in hydration better, plus skin is vulnerable right after you shower because your pores are open. A body butter like Fresh, Creamy Milk™ with sustainably sourced shea butter nourishes skin and supports its barrier function. If you live in a humid climate or want something lighter, Show and Gel™ Hydrating Body Gel absorbs instantly and is packed with electrolytes.

Serum and Face Crème

Press your serum and face crème into damp skin (we can’t get enough of the 2-in-1 combo of Impress Me™ Intensive Hydration Pressed Serum Moisturizer with Poshbiotics™ and a to-die-for velvety texture). Don’t forget to pat on an eye crème like Prize on the Eyes™ and moisturize your lips. Try Mint Condition™ Mega Lip Balm for day time, and Night Nurse™ Nourishing Lip Treatment at night.

Now go wrap up in your warm bathrobe from the dryer (see, we told you it was better than a hot lifeguard!) and treat yourself to a cup of tea, glass of wine, or some spa water with lemon and cucumber slices.


Got any shower tips you want to share? Tell us in the comments below!