His Posh: A Guy's Guide to Posh Skin Care Products for Men

Perfectly Posh Hunk Chunk Big Bath Bar for men’s skincare routine, Posh products for men

We believe more guys deserve to be pampered, so here at Perfectly Posh, we want to meet more men! Your skin is your first line of defense against environmental pollutants and toxins, so when you use sulfate-free, naturally based products with the best butters, botanicals, and oils on earth, you’re giving your bod the best.

Men tend to have thicker skin with more follicles, which can lead to overall oilier skin than women, so we created a line of His Posh just for you and tied it in with tried-and-true customer faves.

A Guy’s Guide to Posh Skin Care

Find your type below, then shop product recommendations to customize your me time (yes, guys can have me time too):


Buff guy with headphones does push ups, skincare routine for guys who like to work out

The more you work out, the more you sweat, which is a great way to detox and clear your pores. You likely take lots of showers and need a quick, simple routine to lightly pamper while soothing post-workout.

Shower: Gender Bender™ Body Scrub or Chilly Willie™ Daily Cleanser and Buffer

Cleanse: Bromance™ Exfoliating Face Wash for Men

Moisturize: Give Him Gel™ Gel-to-Water Body Moisturizer for Men & Call Your Shrink™ Face Crème

Chill: Just Chillin’™ Skin Stick

Why you’ll love this stuff: Gender Bender has tons of charcoal to help you feel really clean, neck to toes. If you’re looking for something more invigorating, try Chilly Willie with a burst of cooling menthol and toning witch hazel. For your face, keep skin smooth and clear with scrubby beads in Bromance, plus antioxidant cucumber and aloe vera. The one place you don’t want to bulk up is your pores, so shrink ‘em with Call Your Shrink for a tight, toned complexion, and hydrate your bod with Give Him Gel (it absorbs really fast!). Then target any sore areas with menthol-loaded Just Chillin’—it’s like an ice pack in a stick.

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Business man with tablet on couch, men’s skin care routine for business man

You work hard all day and need a polished look to match your professional demeanor, but with frequent business trips and a hectic schedule, you also need products that are portable and relaxing.

Daily: Bromance™ Exfoliating Face Wash for Men

Weekly: Rebound™ Face Mask for Men

Hands: Gender Bender™ Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème or Man Handled™ Hand Crème

Lips: Mint Condition™ Mega Lip Balm

Bonus: Cann I Be™ CBD Oil Drops

Why you’ll love this stuff: An important business presentation is no place to show up to with dull, uneven skin. Wash with Bromance to exfoliate and clear your complexion, then use Rebound Face Mask weekly for a deeper detox that also helps firm the appearance of wrinkles. Keep your handshakes manly with non-greasy Gender Bender Hand Crème, it smells like amber, sandalwood, and citrus, or treat extra dry hands to Man Handled with nourishing hops and birch sap. For lips, grab Mint Condition with sustainable shea butter—its oversized tube is über manly. When you feel like you deserve a pampering bonus, add a few drops of CBD oil to your products for extra relaxation.

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Outdoorsy guy in grey sweater, skin care routine for outdoorsy guy

Tough, rugged… and exposed. Your skin sees lots of sun (hello, exposure to UVA/UVB rays) and extremes in weather, which can result in dry patches and rough skin. You need low maintenance pampering with big results.

Clean up: Hunk Chunk™ Big Bath Bar

Smooth down: The Healer™ Snarky Bar

Protect: Block It Like It’s Hot™ SPF 30 Face Crème

Support: Fresh, Creamy Milk™ Body Butter

Go: The Healer™ Skin Stick

Why you’ll love this stuff: With bits of lava rock and charcoal, Hunk Chunk delivers a deep clean, while scrubby Healer Snarky tackles extra rough spots like knees, heels, and elbows. Protect your face before you head out with Block It Like It’s Hot—it also contains antioxidant vitamin C and soothing aloe so it can double as your face moisturizer in a hurry. For body, Fresh, Creamy Milk isn’t just moisturizing, it helps support your skin’s barrier function to keep pollutants out. Stash The Healer Skin Stick in your backpack to instantly soothe with sustainable shea butter on the go.

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Bearded man in suit and tie, Perfectly Posh skin care routine for beards, men’s products for beards and facial hair

Hello, handsome with the facial hair! You know it can be a challenge to clean and maintain skin beneath your beard while keeping it all soothed and smoothed; you need to treat your face with targeted solutions just for bearded bros.

Lather: Bromance™ Exfoliating Face Wash for Him

Smooth: Under Control™ Hydro Gel Crème

Soothe: The Purifier™ Skin Stick

Accessorize: Night Nurse™ Nourishing Lip Treatment & Impish Eyes™ De-Puffing Eye Serum

Why you’ll love this stuff: For a clean beard she’ll love getting close to, wash daily with Bromance—it keeps pores free and clear of excess oil and dead skin that contribute to ingrown hair—then follow with Under Control to keep shine at bay all day while hydrating skin. Soothe any razor burn with tea tree oil and shea butter in The Purifier. Because your beard makes your lips and eyes stand out more, you’ll want to smooth them over with Night Nurse and Impish Eyes (keep it in the fridge to cool puffiness after a night of one too many bourbons).

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Guy with heart-shaped hands, skin care routine for man who loves to pamper

Why should girls have all the fun? You love to indulge in routines that leave your complexion glowing. Clear your schedule and clear your pores, nobody messes with your me time!

Crush It: Bromance™ Exfoliating Face Wash for Him

Mask It: Rebound™ Face Mask for Men

Lift It: Nothing Phases Me™ Anti-Gravity Cholesterol Face Serum

Press It: Impress Me™ Intensive Hydration Pressed Serum Moisturizer

Give ‘em Some Lip: Makeout Magic™ Lip Scrub

Why you’ll love this stuff: Dirt, oil, and dead skin? Un uh, honey! Wash daily with Bromance for a smooth complexion, then treat yourself to Rebound a few times a week to tighten fine lines. Speaking of flawless, Nothing Phases Me with vegan cholesterol keeps skin looking plump and firm. Follow it with Impress Me (probiotics are so hot right now); it deeply hydrates with a luxe, velvety texture. Keep your lips looking supple by scrubbing flakey skin away with Makeout Magic, it tastes like peppermint and grapefruit.

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Gen Z guy with headphones, men’s skin care routine for Generation Z, Generation Z skin care products for guys

All labels aside, you’re on the hunt for unique products that match your own personal brand. You don’t want what your dad uses; you’re looking for something fun and real that shows off your best self (because who knows how many peeps will share your next selfie).

Your PR Guys: Gender Bender™ Chunk Big Bath Bar and Chilly Willie™ Daily Cleanser and Buffer

Your Nutritionist: Egg on Your Face™ Face Wash

Your Manager: Under Control™ Mattifying Hydro Gel

Your Therapist: Mad for Magnesium™ Body Butter

Your Spiritual Guru: Cann I Be™ CBD Oil Drops

Why you’ll love this stuff: Got dirt on you? Gender Bender deeply detoxes environmental pollutants and cleans pores with activated charcoal, neck to toes, while Chilly Willie is perfect for exfoliating dry skin on the daily with Bali sea salt. For face, Poshbiotic™ Egg on Your Face nourishes and balances your pH with a blend of pre and probiotics, plus K-beauty-inspired ingredients like egg shell powder, to support your skin’s microbiome. For a #nofilter look, Under Control reduces shine for a matte, healthy looking complexion. At the end of the day, turn off your phone and unwind with soothing Mad for Magnesium blended with CBD oil for a good night’s sleep.

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Pampering isn’t just for girls! Take your me time and treat your skin to the manly Posh it deserves.