How to Create Your Vegan and Cruelty-Free Face Care Routine

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At Perfectly Posh, we believe in the power of naturally based beauty, in using many ingredients that are plant-based, and in being cruelty-free. We also love our vegan friends! Though not all of our products are vegan, many well-loved favorites are. Did you know you can build an entire skincare regimen from all the vegan products at Posh? To show you, we’ve outlined a few highly effective products you can include in your face care routine (good for everyone, vegan or not).

Creating a 100% Vegan Routine

No matter what lifestyle you choose to lead, everyone needs a good cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer for a glowing complexion and healthy-looking skin. The best news for you? We have vegan (and cruelty-free!) products for every step of the way. Take your pick of the following based on what your skin’s need are:

Start with cleansing

We’re pulling out a Posh favorite first—BFF: Best Face Forever™ Exfoliating Face Wash. (Yes, this much-loved face wash is also vegan.) Made with exfoliating sugarcane-derived beads, BFF is gentle enough for most people to use on a daily basis.

Bromance™ Exfoliating Face Wash for Men is also one of our newest vegan additions for a touch more aggressive cleanse that can still be used daily on men’s thicker, somewhat tougher skin.  

Exfoliating washes aside, if you’re looking for a gentler cleanse, use BFF every few days and make your everyday go-to Bright Young Thang™ Brightening Face Wash. This  is especially useful for waking up tired skin with ingredients like ginseng root and caffeine.

Want more from your vegan cleanser? Right Back At Ya™ Two-in-One Cleansing Clay Face Wash and Mask is both a cleanser and face mask, filled with nourishing kale and detoxifying sulfur. Use it to gently cleanse or leave it on longer for the benefits of a mask—you can even apply it directly over makeup! Either way, this face wash will help balance overly dry or overly oily skin, and help with the appearance of imperfections. (More on masks later.)

Use a toner

Follow up your refreshing cleanse with Well Adjusted™ Face Toner to reset your skin back to its basic healthy state. Perfect for all skin types, it will also remove any debris or makeup left over after cleansing, exfoliates dull skin with glycolic acid, and reduces the appearance of large pores with lentil extract. It’s also alcohol-free and non-drying.

Add a serum

Use a serum to target any specific skin issues you want to tackle. Want to brighten your complexion and get needed antioxidants at the same time? Never Grow Up™ Face Serum is the treatment you’ve been dreaming about.

Worried about finding a vegan product that will fight back against premature aging? Nothing Phases Me™ Face Serum helps clarify pores of pollutants and other toxins with liquid charcoal, while the vegan cholesterol supports collagen and elasticity for fuller looking, supple skin.

Moisturize your face and neck

We have quite a few vegan moisturizers, and which one you need will depend on what skin type you have. (Curious? Take our skin type quiz to find out!)

Serves You Bright™ Moisturizing Face Crème is loaded with vitamin C that brightens your skin naturally with vegan ingredients. We also love it because it contains moisturizing shea butter from our Shea Sisterhood Co-Op that helps drastically improve the lives of the women who harvest the shea in Ghana.

If you’re looking for more of a lightweight, hydrating moisturizer, Under Control™ Hydro Gel Crème is great for both men and women. It’s perfect for controlling any oil and shine you struggle with on a daily basis. We also love that it’s oil free, fragrance free, and silicone free.

Skin need a pick-me-up in the morning after a late night? The caffeine and citrus in Moisturize 911™ Face Moisturizer is sure to help it wake up and give you that extra-rested glow.

Build on what you started with Never Grow Up Serum, and grab Never Grow Up™ Face Crème, a naturally-based product loaded with fruits and flowers to maintain healthy hydration and show off your youthful complexion.

Call Your Shrink™ Pore Reducing Face Crème is a naturally-based formula made with glycolic and lactic acids to help exfoliate away pore-clogging debris. Yes, you heard right—this is a face crème helps keep your pores clear of the junk that makes them look larger.

Optional: Target

Impish Eyes™ Eye Serum to wake up tired looking eyes after a long night out.

Prize on the Eyes™ Eye Crème for soothing that most delicate skin around your eyes.

Too Hot To Spot™ Blemish Crème for those skin imperfections that just pop up.

Using Face Masks

Though not a part of a daily routine, you should use a mask 1–3 times a week for your best skin. Check out each of these options that will fit in well with your vegan lifestyle:

And there you have it! You have plenty of vegan options to make a completely customized face routine that fits with your specific needs. What vegan Posh products are you excited to try?

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A Note On Our Commitment to Cruelty-Free

Sometimes we get asked if Perfectly Posh tests products on animals. One of the best things about Perfectly Posh is our love of simple, natural ingredients. Because these ingredients already have a proven track record in skincare, there really is no need for animal testing. So, the simple answer is no: Posh does not and has not ever tested on animals.

This being said, a few of our products do use a few gentle animal by-products (such as honey and milk). Never fear, anything that is vegan is clearly labeled that way so you will never have to guess.