15 Ways to Breathe New Life into Posh Products for Earth Day

Perfectly Posh empty packaging up-cycling ideas, how to reuse your old Posh product containers

If you’re addicted to Posh, you know a thing or two about having loads of empty containers. Sure, you can recycle Posh packaging, but in the hierarchy of eco-friendly consumerism, it goes reduce, REUSE, recycle. So in honor of Earth Day, here are our Influencer’s favorite ways to reuse empty products and show Mother Earth a little pampering too.

Empty skin sticks can be used to stash cash for travel!
— Conni Brown
Body butter tubs are great storage containers for hair bands, bobby pins, Posh samples, spare change, and whatever other small items you need to store.
— Kelly Decoteau
I reuse old catalogs by using the pages as wrapping paper for mystery boxes and making bookmarks for my customers.
— Jennifer Navareo
I store samples in them!
— Lauren Wood
I love to put So Soapy™ wrappers to good use. The new So Soapys have so much extra fragrance I love to put the wrappers anywhere that needs a pick-me-up! I left an open wrapper on my desk for a week to make my office smell like heaven. I also keep an open Sassyooma™ So Soapy sample in my unmentionables just to make the drawer smell AMAZING!
— Amber Campbell
I use my empty Mad for Magnesium™ Body Butter container to put a little Mad for Magnesium and mix it with Cann I Be™ CBD Oil Drops.
— Stephanie Chase
Body butter jars are my favorite to keep! Perfect for stud earrings, Posh samples, and little trinkets I have laying around.
— Stephanie Berteci
I use them for supplies: paper clips , push pins , small sample bags, etc. Oh, and my kiddos slime.
— Charlie Hyatt
I love using old Cann I Be™ CBD Oil Drops containers for easy use with liquid makeup!
— Melissa Crowe
We keep all the boxes, envelopes, and packaging we get from our Posh orders and re-use them for our own shipping. It cuts down on waste and it keeps our packages looking professional with the Posh branding!
— Jason Kramer & James Goodrich
I use the little tubs for bath bombs and Nothing Phases Me™ bottles for essential oils.
— Sammi Wohlfarth
I got an idea from a VIP who cut the top off a Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème and used it to store paint brushes. You could totally store makeup brushes as well!
— Lauren Huss
I use them for so many things; I even made succulent planters with a few!
— Jessica Davis
I use old wrappers and catalogs as wrapping paper and book covers.
— "Kitty" Skiba
Well I absolutely use the entire container and ever single drop by cutting the tops off and storing it in a ziplock until it’s bone dry! They make great jewelry containers once cleaned.
— Susan Conway

What are your favorite ways to breathe new life into your empty Posh containers? We’d love to hear them in the comments below, or post a pic on your social media and tag @perfectly_posh with #howiposh for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page.