Spring Goals: 10 Head-to-Toe Tips for Dewy Skin

Can something be trending if it never went out of style? Dewy, youthful skin is always in season, but it’s the must-have look this spring. For radiant skin that looks healthy and fresh, here’s how to achieve the coveted K-beauty (Korean beauty) glow, head to toe:

10 Head-to-Toe Tips for Dewy Spring Skin

Drink more water

Glass of lemon water with fresh mint on blue background

They say you are what you eat, but when it comes to dewy skin, you are definitely what you drink. Drinking enough water is absolutely essential for healthy looking skin, so use this as an excuse to go buy a cute new water bottle and drink from it often! Click here for 29 tips to help you stay hydrated.

Exfoliate regularly

Perfectly Posh Lady Limoncello Body Scrub usage, exfoliating with Perfectly Posh Lady Limoncello Body Scrub with rice bran and honey

You can’t have radiant skin if it’s hiding behind dry spots, plus exfoliating helps nourishing ingredients pamper deeper because they don’t have to fight their way through dead skin cells. For face, you can’t beat best-selling BFF: Best Face Forever™ with peppermint and grapefruit. For body, we love Lady Limoncello™ to slough off dry skin while soothing with honey.

Look for invigorating ingredients

Invigorating peppermint on light blue background

Peppermint, caffeine, menthol, ginseng, colloidal gold, and niacinamide (a type of B vitamin) can all help give skin a plump, glowing appearance. We love to start our dewy skin routine with Bright Young Thang™ Face Wash, which contains both caffeine and ginseng, or caffeinated Where You Bean All My Life™ Chunk Big Bath Bar for body.

Use a toner immediately after washing your face

Woman using toner on cotton round.

Cleansers are designed to remove the top layer of dirt and oil on your skin. Factor in hard water and seasonal changes, and it’s easy to see why your skin’s pH might be out of balance after you wash. Restore it by swiping a toner, like Well Adjusted™ with soothing beta-glucan, over skin immediately after cleansing.

Incorporate a serum into your routine

Perfectly Posh Face Serums

Concentrated formulas designed to target specific skin issues, serums are made with smaller molecules than moisturizers, so they absorb fast and deep for rapid results. Choose one that meets your skin goals, and use it morning and night. Not sure where to start? Never Grow Up™ Face Serum is a tried-and-true fave for all ages and skin types, and You’re a Smoothie™ Body Serum pampers thirsty skin from the neck down.

Make sure your moisturizer is also hydrating

Woman using Perfectly Posh Moisturize 911 Caffeinated Face Moisturizer with vitamin C

Did you know moisturizing and hydrating are two different things? Moisturizers add oil into your skin, which is great for reducing dryness and flakiness, but to look dewy and healthy, your skin needs hydration too. Dry skin finds it in Never Grow Up™ Face Crème with coconut water; if your skin is normal/combination, try lightweight Moisturize 911™ with aloe vera, and oily skin digs the shine-controlling effect of Under Control™ Mattifying Hydro Gel with sodium hyaluronate for skin that looks glowing, not greasy.

Brighten with vitamin C

Woman holding lemon packed with vitamin C

Arguably the best antioxidant in the world, vitamin C is essential for glowing, healthy looking skin. It rejuvenates skin by hydrating and helps bright skin tone, resulting in a youthful, firmer complexion. Use it in a serum like Never Grow Up™, or find it in a face créme like Serves You Bright™.

Massage your skin

Woman massaging body cream onto her leg, Perfectly Posh Hips Don’t Lie Caffeinated Body Creme usage

Massaging skin increase blood flow by stimulating your circulation, so it follows that spending a little more time massaging when you apply your body crémes and face products results in more radiant skin. Drier skin types should massage outward, from the neck up for your face and from the chest out and down for body; this helps deliver nutrients to your face and extremities. Oilier skin will benefit from massaging inward, from your forehead down for face and from hand and feet in for body. This helps flush your lymph system to remove toxins.

Add Poshbiotics™

Perfectly Posh Basket Case Bundle stylized image with Are You My Little Bunny Body Soufflé, Egg on Your Face Tightening Face Mask with Poshbiotics, and Are You My Little Bunny Perfume Roller. Probiotic and prebiotic K-beauty Easter bundle

Dewy looking skin and a healthy microbiome go hand in hand. Incorporating Poshbiotics™ into your routine helps protect your skin’s microbiome with ingredients like fermented red wine resveratrol, black tea kombucha, and yogurt, blended with soothing milk and eggs. Shop solutions for face and body in the Basket Case™ Bundle with Poshbiotic-loaded Are You My Little Bunny™ Body Soufflé, Egg on Your Face™ Tightening Face Mask, and a bonus perfume oil.

Apply a hydrating mask

Perfectly Posh Cheat Sheets Cucumber Under Eye Sheet Masks with cooling cucumber and aloe vera stylized, Cheat Sheets Under Eye Sheet Masks usage and product packaging

Treat skin a few times a week to a targeted face mask for plump, glowing skin. So Jelly™ Face Mask is loaded with antioxidant fruit extracts to support collagen while hydrating skin with glycerin, which acts as a humectant to attract water to your skin’s surface. Pair it with Cheat Sheets™ Under Eye Sheet Masks with cucumber and aloe vera to wake up tired eyes so you look totally refreshed.