Posh Scopes: Taurus

Posh Scopes: Taurus

April 20–May 21

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Venus

Colors: Pink, Green

Day: Friday

Gem: Emerald

Flower: Rose, Poppy

The anchor sign of the zodiac, you’re responsible, reliable, and trustworthy, Taurus. On the flip side, when you’re feeling out of balance you can be controlling, stubborn, and a bit of a perfectionist. Take a minute from your work-a-holic lifestyle for pampering so you can be your best self daily. Because you’re so dependable and organized, you have an easier time than most accumulating wealth, which comes in handy because you have expensive taste! Whether it’s a velvet sofa for the living room, a tulle skirt for spring, or a blowout at the salon for soft, shiny locks, Taurus’ gravitate toward all things tactile, as your sense of touch is most important to you.

Try: Hands-on Taurus’ don’t have time for greasy lotion. Pamper with Posh Boss™ Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème fragranced with vanilla and light, springtime florals. It’s quickly absorbing formula moisturizes with apricot kernel oil for touchable, soft hands. As the weather warms up, your complexion tends to get oilier; your inner control-freak will appreciate Under Control™ Hydro Gel Crème to keep excess oil in check while hydrating skin with matcha green tea.

Spring is a season of new beginnings. You’ve learned from your past mistakes, Taurus, and now is the time to forgive yourself and move on. The full moon on April 19 was a catalyst for you to shift your energy and focus on your health. The sun and Uranus are shifting into your sign this week, fueling an extra burst of motivation to get you on track. Taurus’ are excellent gardeners and like to cook; why not combine both and plant some vegetables this year, then transfer your talents to the kitchen by making more fresh, home-cooked meals?

Try: Start your day off with a burst of energy; Sassyooma™ Body Scrub invigorates with fresh citrus while cleansing skin with a unique jelly texture that transforms into a mildly exfoliating lather Taurus’ will love. Stash The Healer™ Skin Stick in your bag or keep on at your desk to soothe and refresh throughout the day with sustainably sourced shea butter, vanilla, and orange essential oil.

10 Reasons We Love Taurus

  1. You’re very patient and a good teacher

  2. You always create the perfect party playlist

  3. You have a timeless sense of fashion

  4. You’re a total romantic

  5. You value honesty above everything

  6. You’re a great cook

  7. You avoid drama at all costs

  8. You’re a very hard worker

  9. You’re a loyal friend and devoted in a relationship

  10. You have a contagious “In it to win in” attitude

Mantra for the Month: If it’s worth having, it’s worth working for.