We're Obsessed With Shea Butter and This Is Why

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No matter how long you’ve been part of the Perfectly Posh tribe, you know that we have major shea love. (In fact, it was the base for our very first product—The Healer Skin Stick.) You also know that we strive to use only the most nourishing and pampering ingredients; of these, shea butter is a favorite.

5 Benefits of Shea Butter

Practically the most perfect skincare ingredient out there, shea is able to easily absorb into your skin and rapidly deliver major benefits. So why is shea butter so good for your skin? Here are just a few reasons to use shea:

  1. Nourishes better than any other single ingredient. Get highly nourished skin all the time thanks to the high amount of stearic and oleic fatty acids (also known as plant lipids) found in shea.

  2. Gently soothes and calms dry or sensitive skin. That high lipid (fat) content makes shea butter incredibly gentle and soothing, especially to dry skin. It can also be used on minor skin irritations and even blemishes.

  3. Contains antioxidant vitamins E and A, and promotes elasticity. Vitamins are not just good for your insides, you need them for your skin too. Both vitamins E and A can smooth fine lines and wrinkles, giving shea some anti-aging properties when used regularly.

  4. Provides a protective barrier. When you are out in harsh winter conditions or bright sun, your skin needs extra love. You can layer shea butter on your face or body to further boost your skin’s protective barrier.

  5. Deeply hydrates and moisturizes skin. Shea butter will keep your skin happy and hydrated no matter where you are in the world. Need proof? For over 1,000 years people in sub-saharan Africa have used it to moisturize and pamper their skin.

All of these benefits (and more) make shea butter a Posh staple in everything from Skin Sticks to bath bars. But our love for shea butter is more than just skin deep. In 2018, we proudly announced a partnership with the Global Shea Alliance, an organization that unites co-ops of women from 21 African countries. As of March 2019, about 90 percent of our shea butter products contain only sustainably sourced shea butter from our Shea Sisterhood Co-Op.

Women in the Shea Butter Business

In Ghana, a small village called Gizaa Gundaa is home to 600 families directly impacted by Perfectly Posh. As part of our Shea Sisterhood, we are set to triple and even quadruple their shea butter income in 2019. This cooperative used to sell their shea nuts in local markets, accepting what prices they could get. Now, they receive assured orders through Posh and a more stable income.

With this increased income, women are better able to provide for their families. They can send their children to school, buy food, and purchase clothing for themselves, all because of the income generated by shea butter. Through the You Deserve It (YDI) Foundation, these women are also provided with the equipment, training, and facilities they need to improve how they collect shea nuts and make shea butter.

How to Get Involved

Using Perfectly Posh products that contain shea butter is an excellent way to help—not only do you get to experience the benefits of the products, but you create more demand for the shea butter that keeps our sisters in Africa in business.

Additionally, $1 of your purchase of the Always Ghana Love You™ Shea Butter Bath Bar, or $3 of your Giant Healer™ Skin Stick goes toward projects that support our shea collectives and improve the lives of women in the Shea Sisterhood.