Posh Scopes: Aries

March 21–April 19

Perfectly Posh Posh Scopes: Aries horoscope pink vector

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Mars

Colors: Red, magenta

Day: Tuesday

Gem: Diamond

Flower: Thistle, honeysuckle

Aries, do you feel like your life is moving full steam ahead? Your ruling planet, Mars, doesn’t retrograde in 2019, which means you’re on a forward trajectory toward accomplishing your goals and growing as a person. Now is a great time to reevaluate your habits and commit to a healthier lifestyle; the planets are aligned to help you stay motivated and on track.

As a fire sign, you might find balance in trying a new water sport. See when your local pool offers lap swimming or try stand-up paddle boarding if you live somewhere warm. Still stuck in winter? Now is the perfect time for go-getter Aries to plan a vacation, just be sure it’s somewhere with plenty to do—you hate lounging around. Perhaps Hawaii or Italy, filled with hiking, beaches, sightseeing, and all things adventurous.

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The end of March might feel a little tense, but new opportunities arrive in April and May. Prioritize which ones you want to go after—you don’t want to be a jack of all trades, master of none. You love a challenge and showing everyone what you’re capable of, but keep your ego in check. Rams are known for being headstrong and can be borderline rude. While you’re just trying to be honest and are excited about the tasks at hand, it can come off as arrogance to people who don’t know you well.

With new opportunities come financial changes. Think outside the box; is there an online venture that could bring your more income? Are you spending a ton on TV you never watch? Reevaluating your finances this month leads to more freedom over the summer.

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10 Reasons We Love Aries

  1. You’re not afraid to take on anything

  2. You exude confidence

  3. We can count on you for an honest opinion

  4. You’re an amazing leader

  5. You get us off our butts and outside

  6. You have a huge circle of friends

  7. You work hard, and play harder

  8. You love friendly competition

  9. You’re spontaneous and fun

  10. You have an amazing, laid-back style

Mantra for the Month: By patiently tending to my fire, it’s ready to burn bright when the right opportunity arises.