Eye Crème 101: Which One Should I Use?

Perfectly Posh Eye Creme, Prize on the Eyes Eye Creme with CoQ10, Impish Eyes De-Puffing Eye Serum with caffeine and cucumber, Uplifting Defiant anti-aging eye creme with moringa oil and micronized pearl powder

If you’ve ever woken up to puffiness, dark circles, or your eyes feeling as dry as the Sahara (especially after a late night and a cocktail too many), you know the skin around your eyes is a bit more sensitive than the rest of your face. And if you’re lucky (re: old) enough to start seeing crow’s feet and fine lines, you know the eye area is the first place to show signs of aging.

What’s a girl (or guy) to do?

Start using an eye crème AM and PM on a daily basis. Trust us; if your future self could give you one beauty tip—aside from wearing sunscreen on the reg—it would be to use an eye crème; the earlier you start, the better. Here, we break down Perfectly Posh’s eye crèmes so you can pick the right one for your routine:

Prize on the Eyes™ Eye Crème

Who is it for?

Eyes that need soothing with calming ingredients.

–Sensitive skin

–Dry skin

–Irritated skin

–Fine lines and wrinkles

How does it pamper?

•Cocoa butter locks in moisture and smoothes lines

•Antioxidant CoQ10 protects skin from environmental pollutants

•Cucumber soothes and refreshes skin

•Licorice root calms irritations and brightens the eye area

How do I use it?

After applying a serum (we love Impress Me™ for sensitive, dry skin) to clean face and neck, use your ring finger to gently pat 3 small dots of Prize on the Eyes™ Eye Crème under each eye. Follow with face moisturizer.

Impish Eyes™ De-Puffing Eye Serum

Who is it for?

Tired, puffy eyes with dark circles.

–Normal/Combo skin

–Oily skin

–Dehydrated eye area


How does it pamper?

•Caffeine tightens and firms tired skin

•Cucumber reduces the appearance of puffiness

Vitamin C brightens dark circles

•Glycerin and aloe vera hydrate thirsty skin

How do I use it?

After cleansing (try Bright Young Thang™ Face Wash to wake up your complexion), roll Impish Eyes™ De-Puffing Eye Serum under you eye area and across your brow bone. Follow with serum and moisturizer, like caffeinated Moisturize 911™. For extra refreshment, store your tube in the fridge—the cold rollerball applicator feels amazing!

Defiant Uplifting™ Eye Crème

Who is it for?

Mature eyes that need ingredients to firm and lift.

–Anti-aging for all skin types

–Crow’s feet, lines, and wrinkles

–Dark circles and dark spots

–Baggy eyes

How does it pamper?

•Antioxidant moringa oil smoothes wrinkles and crow’s feet

•Caffeine brightens dark circles and de-puffs bags

•A peptide and micro algae blend visibly firm the eye area

•Micronized pearl illuminates the eye area for a flawless glow

How do I use it?

Using your ring finger, apply three small dots of Defiant Uplifting™ Eye Crème to clean skin after your serum. Follow with moisturizer—we recommend Defiant Gimmie a Boost™ Moisturizer, available in 2 formulas for dry or normal/combo skin.

Want more pampering? Try adding Cheat Sheets™ Under Eye Sheet Masks to your routine. We like to use them in conjunction with a Posh face mask.

Which Perfectly Posh eye crème is your favorite? Tell us about in the comments below.