10 Reasons to Host a Pampering Posh Party

10 Reasons to Host a Pampering Posh Party

We’re always looking for a reason to throw a party, like that one time we threw a dessert party just because it was a Monday and we wanted panna cotta, or the time HR made everyone in the office waffles for National Waffle Day (which is August 24, in case you were wondering). Come to think of it, a lot of our impromptu parties revolve around food, but our very favorite parties are all about Posh!

If you’ve never hosted a Posh party, you don’t know what you’re missing. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite reasons to party with Posh:

10. Free Posh (Our Favorite 4 Letter Words)

Who doesn’t like free Posh?! When you host a party, you get rewarded with free products based on how much your party earns, and items change monthly. (An excuse to party every month of the year, if we do say so!)

9. You’re Doing Your Friends a Favor

Everyone loves Posh. Unlike other social selling models, you’re not pushing your favorite people to buy stuff they don’t want. You’re introducing them to self-care products for “me time” that they’ll genuinely want to use.

8. You Don’t Have to Wear Pants

Sure, you can invite people to your house for a party, but you also have the option of hosting a Facebook party where you can send your guests samples beforehand, review products live, and everyone can order online— and you can wear (or not wear) whatever you feel like.

7. VIP Treatment

When you host, you create a closer relationship with your Consultant, which means they’re more likely to keep you in the loop on new product launches, pre-orders, and special offers; they might even invite you to Posh events as their guest!

6. You Need a Night Off

Everyone needs a break to pamper. When you invite people to a Posh party, you’re not adding to their to-do list; you’re offering them a night off to unwind—think facials, mani/pedis, and massages.

5. Pampered Readings

Pampered readings are kind of like the tarot cards of Posh. Your Consultant meets with guests one-on-one to choose 2–3 cards and create a customized routine for their unique pampering needs. Hosting an online party? Use this helpful link: https://blog.perfectlyposh.com/blog/2019/1/28/the-perfectly-posh-pampered-reading

4. They Double as Wedding Showers, Birthdays, etc.

If you’ve been tasked with throwing a party for someone special, make it a Posh party where invitees can choose from a “registry” of products the guest-of-honor has preselected, plus order a little something-something for themselves—no gift wrap required.

3. You Want to Show Off Some Pinterest-Worthy Decor

Maybe you’re dying to try a blush-colored balloon wall or impress with your homemade macaron recipe. Or maybe you just remodeled your guest bathroom and need an excuse to show it off. Whatever the case, invite some people over and enjoy a little pampering while you’re at it!

2. You Just Moved

New to the neighborhood? Sharing Posh is a sure-fire way to gain popularity as the cool new kid on the block. Introduce someone to a Big Fat Yummy™ Hand Crème or BFF: Best Face Forever™ Face Wash and you’ve pretty much earned endless can-I-borrow-a-cup-of-sugar favors for life. Plus it’s an easy way to network and make new friends.

1. Do You Really Need a Reason to Party?

Seriously though, do you?! Go contact your Consultant today and ask them to help you schedule a pampering Posh party! It’s super easy and they’ll help you every step of the way.