10 Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Pampered Skin, Nails, and Hair

Tea tree essential oil for naturally based Perfectly Posh pampering products

Native to Australia, tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of the tea tree and has been used in skincare for hundreds of years for imbalances like skin imperfections, flaky scalp, bacne, yellow nails… basically, if something makes you say “ew” it could probably benefit from tea tree oil. Check out why we love it head to toe:

10 Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

  1. Tea tree helps clean out clogged pores

  2. Tea tree breaks through oil buildup

  3. Tea tree soothes skin imperfections

  4. Tea tree balances your scalp and skin

  5. Tea tree functions as a naturally based skin toner

  6. Tea tree helps normalize greasy roots

  7. Tea tree won’t bleach clothes or pillowcases (some blemish crème does)

  8. Tea tree’s fragrance has a spa-like effect to promote relaxation and clear your head

  9. Tea tree helps keep your nail bed looking healthy

  10. Tea tree helps reduce bad body and foot odor

How to Use Tea Tree Oil

For congested pores and oily skin: Cackle Spackle™ Deep Cleaning Face Mask

Tea tree helps cleanse excess oil and soothe pores while activated charcoal and kaolin clay deeply clean for a balanced complexion.

For skin imperfections and bacne: Too Hot to Spot™ Targeted Imperfection Crème

Tea tree promotes clearer looking skin and works with glycolic acid to soothe imperfections with less drying in a formula that won’t bleach clothes or pillows.

For dry, flaky skin: Whole Lava Love™ Volcanic Ash Exfoliating Face Treatment

Tea tree and peppermint oils balance and soothe overly flaky spots for more even skin tone while volcanic ash gently sloughs off rough areas.

For hair: Stare at My Hair™ Tea Tree and Neem Hair & Scalp Mask

Tea tree and neem deep clean scalp and hair from roots to ends with a cooling and refreshing tingle while sustainably sourced shea butter tames frizz and nourishes for a healthier looking scalp and hair, supporting healthy hair growth.

For dry cuticles and random itchy spots: The Purifier™ Skin Stick

Combined with shea butter and beeswax, tea tree oil in The Purifier conditions cuticles and keeps them looking healthy on both fingers and toes. Or, if you spent the weekend camping and came back with random bumps and bites, tea tree and eucalyptus soothe and calm spots that are acting up.

For sweaty, smelly feet and funky toenails: Sole Sister™ Charcoal Detox & Cooling Clay Foot Mask

Tea tree, mint, and menthol refresh and tingle while tackling grime that makes toenails look gross in this charcoal-infused mask formulated specially for over-worked feet that also exfoliates with bits of scrubby pumice for smoother, stink-free soles.

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