I Heart Me: Sara McCarthy

Perfectly Posh Consultant Sara McCarthy

Anyone who has the good fortune of knowing Sara McCarthy knows they’re in for a fun time when she’s around. A Gold Premier from Smyrna, Delaware, Sara’s bubbly personality is part of what makes her such a great leader and team member. Here’s what she has to say about being a Posh Consultant and which products she can’t live without:

What do you love about yourself?

My outgoing personality.

What do you love about being a Posh Consultant?

I love that I get to meet new people.

What 5 products do you love?

Perfectly Posh Consultant Sara McCarthy’s bag, Defiant Naked Youth Serum, moringa oil anti-aging serum, BFF: Best Face Forever Exfoliating Face Wash, naturally based peppermint and grapefruit face scrub, Under Wonder Replenishing Cholesterol Primer, anti-aging makeup primer, Brazilian Bombshell Body Butter, Shea Sisterhood body butter, sustainably sourced shea butter body butter, Nothing Phases Me Anti-Gravity Cholesterol Serum, vegan cholesterol face serum, activated charcoal face serum

I use BFF: Best Face Forever™ Exfoliating Face Wash daily because it makes my face feel super soft. Then I apply Nothing Phases Me™ Anti-Gravity Cholesterol Serum. I love how Nothing Phases Me instantly tightens my skin. Next, I use the Defiant™ line—it jut makes me young again! Finally, I use a drop of Under Wonder™ Replenishing Cholesterol Primer; it’s silky smooth and will make any face feel like a babies butt while being hydrated.

I also can’t live without anything Brazilian Bombshell™ scented, like Brazilian Bombshell Body Butter. It makes me dream of tropical islands when it’s winter. 


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