Find Your Perfect Pair: Posh Body Scrub & Body Butter

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Body scrubs and body butters are a match made in heaven, or at least the perfect match for heavenly feeling skin. In fact, when you use a scrub before applying your body butter, you’re actually getting more benefits because your moisturizer is able to sink deeply into your skin once you’ve removed the top-most layer of dry, flakey, dead cells.  

While there are lots of ways to exfoliate, including dry brushing and even shaving your legs, we’re decidedly partial to our naturally based body scrubs because they feel and smell amazing, transforming your bath or shower into an at-home spa. Once you’ve exfoliated neck to toes, pat dry and apply your favorite filler-free Posh body butter to damp skin for maximum moisturization.

Looking for your perfect body scrub and body butter? Try these pampering pairings:

Soothe & Calm

PJs All Day™ Sugar Body Scrub

  • Daily exfoliation for dry skin

  • Removes flakey spots with sugar and rice powder

  • Hydrating glycerin and shea butter base

  • Fragranced with lavender and vanilla


Mad for Magnesium™ Body Butter

  • Weightless glycerin and shea butter base

  • 5% magnesium chloride to ease tension

  • Crystalized ceramides restore lipids for lasting moisture

  • Fragranced with soothing lavender, sandalwood, and cedar


Polish & Protect

You Apricaught Me!™ Body Polish

  • Daily exfoliation for dull skin

  • Gently polishes with apricot seed and loofah

  • Luxe glycerin base

  • Fragranced with dry apricot, rich vanilla, and Tonka bean


Jam Packed™ Antioxidant Body Butter

  • Shea & cupuaçu butter base for supple skin

  • Packed with antioxidants from açaí, guaraná, and passionfruit

  • Guards against environmental pollutants

  • Fragranced with sparkling strawberry, pear, and plum


Neck-to-Toe Nourished

Buff Around the Edges™ Body Polish

Perfectly Posh Buff Around the Edges Body Polish, prickly pear body polish, loofah body polish, naturally based body polish, daily body polish
  • Daily exfoliation for uneven skin tone

  • Gently exfoliates with loofah fruit

  • Lightweight glycerin base

  • Fragranced with cucumber water, watermint, and lemongrass


Fresh, Creamy Milk™ Body Butter

  • Smoothing shea butter base

  • For sensitive, dry skin

  • Probiotic milk, milk thistle, and bamboo soothe

  • Fragranced with fresh cream, coconut milk, and citrus peel


Bright & Beachy

Beach Blanket™ Body Scrub

  • Sugar and honey draw hydration to skin’s surface

  • Coconut oil and glycerin base moisturize

  • Fragranced with soft citrus, creamy coconut, and vanilla


Brazilian Bombshell™ Body Butter

  • Rich shea and cocoa butter base

  • Babassu and Brazil nut oils soften and smooth skin

  • Brightens and improves skin elasticity

  • Fragranced with toasted Brazil nut, coconut cream, and vanilla


What’s your favorite body scrub and body butter combo? Share in the comments below!