Bare It All is the Micellar Water Cleanser Your Skin Craves

Woman using Perfectly Posh Bare It All micellar water cleansing wipes on face, woman enjoying benefits of micellar cleansing water in Bare It All after a workout

Micellar Water Benefits Anytime

Picture these two different scenarios. One: You just got cozy in bed and you’re binge watching anything and everything on Netflix; nothing is going to get you out of this bliss. But then you remember you forgot to wash your face. You just know the bed will be cold when you get back and it will take forever to feel comfy again. Two: You woke up late again and barely have time to get dressed, let alone grab some coffee on your way out.  Sound familiar? For both predicaments, Perfectly Posh Bare It All™ has your back—er, face. With just a quick swipe, any gunk (makeup, dirt, sweat) is gone and replaced with toned, moisturized, and soft skin.

What makes this possible? Better than any harsh or drying makeup remover, our Posh micellar water cleanser contains all the hardest-working ingredients for a quick and pampering cleanse.

3-in-1 Benefits of Bare It All Micellar Water Cleanser

No matter your skin type (and especially if you’re blemish prone), everyone can enjoy the benefits of this vegan micellar water for cleaner, happier skin.

  1. Lifts away dirt and debris with micellar technology. Micelles are tiny balls of naturally cleansing molecules charged to soften water and attract dirt. They stay suspended in soft water, and as you use Bare It All, they draw out and attach themselves to oil and dirt particles so you can easily wipe them away. Think of them like miniature magnets for debris.

  2. Gently and effectively removes makeup. While other makeup removers may do a semi-decent job at removing makeup, the magic of micellar cleansing water takes it a step further and can remove even the most stubborn makeup—no need to rub and further irritate your skin. The best part? Bare It All is also completely alcohol free, so it will remove all impurities but won’t dry out your skin.

  3. Hydrates and softens skin. The no-rinse formula of Bare It All packs a punch of hydration that you have to feel to believe. In addition to micelles, coconut water, glycerin, and prickly pear extract combine for soft, soothed skin that’s both moisturized and toned.

Special Ingredients Breakdown

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Water. Hydrating coconut water is lighter than its counterpart, coconut oil, and is easily absorbed into the skin. Dealing with oily skin? Coconut water is especially great for your complexion.

Glycerin. This skin-identical ingredient is naturally found in your skin and is readily absorbed by it. It’s also a powerful humectant—it literally draws in moisture from the air to lock in hydration for a long-lasting, supple, soft feel.

Opuntia Ficus-Indica (Prickly Pear) Fruit Extract. Prickly pear isn’t even a pear; it’s the fruit of a type of cactus that tastes similar to strawberries. Prickly pear is jam packed with antioxidant vitamins E, C, and K to refresh and brighten your skin.

Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract. You don’t have to eat an apple to take advantage of its benefits—apples are full of potent antioxidants thanks to vitamins A and C. They tone, balance, and condition your skin for a healthy glow.

Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate. To create this natural preservative, radish roots are mixed with leuconostoc (a type of probiotic) to ferment and break the radish down into smaller molecules, making them more effective.

Micellar Water Cleanser 2 Ways

We have two different ways to enjoy the simple cleansing benefits of micellar technology:

  1. Bare It All™ Simple Micellar Tonic. Best for those moments when you’re cuddled up in blankets and can’t force yourself out, or for those late late nights when you just can’t make it to the sink. We get it. Keep this micellar water cleanser on your nightstand with some cotton rounds to take full advantage of this no-rinse favorite.

  2. Bare It All™ Simple Micellar Wipes. Just the thing for your life away from home. Slip a package of these wipes into your carry-on, keep them in your gym bag, or take them with you anywhere you’ll need to remove makeup and dirt, and moisturize too.

Any way you use it, Perfectly Posh Bare It All micellar water cleanser is the gentle, go-anywhere skin cleanser, toner, and moisturizer your skin didn’t know it needed. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever washed your face without it! How does Bare It All make your life easier? We’d love to hear in the comments below.