Put an Egg On It: 10 Reasons Why Eggs are Good for Your Skin

10 reasons why eggs are naturally good for skin, Perfectly Posh eggs

You can put an egg on just about anything these days, so why not on your skin? In fact, we use eggs in conjunction with our Poshbiotic™ products to help amplify their soothing and nourishing benefits. Check out why we love eggs as naturally pampering ingredients.

Top 10 Reasons Why Eggs are Good for Skin

  1. Eggs are full of skin-nourishing protein and vitamins.

  2. Eggs contain albumin, which makes them emollient and moisturizing.

  3. Eggs have a high water-binding capacity to help visibly smooth and firm skin.

  4. Eggs help pores appear smaller for a flawless finish.

  5. Eggs contain vitamin B6 to help skin look healthy.

  6. Eggs bind to impurities and help whisk them away.

  7. Eggs help tighten skin for a youthful K-beauty glow.

  8. Eggs gently exfoliate dull skin.

  9. Eggs are soothing and good for sensitive skin.

  10. Eggs help balance oily skin.

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