Poshbiotics: Pre and Probiotic Skin Care for Soothed Skin

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Pre and probiotic skin care is an ultra-popular trend right now, and we’re beyond excited to have our own proprietary blend called Poshbiotics™. We sat down with VP of Product Development Stacy Simmons and Product Training Manager Hayley Heaton to get the lowdown on what pre and probiotics are, how they work, and the pampering benefits of using Poshbiotics in your skincare routine.

What are prebiotics?

Stacy: Prebiotics are sugars that are essential to probiotics; the two go hand in hand. Prebiotics fuel probiotics, which occur naturally on skin’s surface, creating a microbiome that works to keep skin looking healthy and hydrated.

What are probiotics?

Hayley: Probiotics are unique strains of good bacteria that are commonly found in foods like yogurt, keffir, and kombucha. Recently, they’ve been adapted and adopted as skincare ingredients to nourish your skin the same way they do your body. Products with probiotic byproducts, called lysates, are especially great for those with sensitive skin that needs soothing, hydration, and protection from environmental irritants.

Stacy: Skin’s natural bacteria balance can get thrown off from all sorts of stressors, including the environment, what you eat and drink, hormones, stress, you name it! Probiotics fight back to restore skin’s balance and minimize common signs of irritation like redness, dry or flaky patches, breakouts, and sensitive skin.

What are Poshbiotics?

Hayley: Poshbiotics are a proprietary blend of fermented ingredients, plus other super soothing, gentle ingredients like milk and eggs, for pre and probiotic action on skin. When you see one of the following ingredients listed on your pampering product, you know your product contains nourishing Poshbiotics in it: Black tea ferment (kombucha), bifida ferment lysate, resveratrol ferment, lactobacillus.

Stacy: Fermented resveratrol is from red wine and helps fight off invaders so skin’s barrier is supported and moisture doesn’t escape. We love treating our skin to a little wine!

Why do I want Poshbiotics in my skincare?

Hayley: Poshbiotics are great for nourishing and soothing sensitive skin. They’re calming, gentle, and they help alleviate skin irritation, so your skin will feel soft and soothed.

Stacy: Take Egg on Your Face™ Face Wash, for example: it contains a Poshbiotic blend of black tea kombucha, eggs, and milk that are able to clean your skin without stripping it dry, in a pillowy soft base. By feeding your skin as you cleanse, it balances out the bad bacteria that can lead to sensitivity and helps your complexion feel comfortable after washing. I’ve spent a lot of time in Asian countries where they use these ingredients regularly; they help give a youthful, K-beauty glow.

What makes Poshbiotics pampering?

Stacy: They’re natures best soothing, balancing ingredients, totally natural and great for all skin types. By supporting skin’s microbiome, Poshbiotics help your skin stay strong so your complexion is comfortable, calm, and less dry and sensitive. When you restore your skin’s equilibrium of good and bad bacteria, skin looks younger and healthier.

How do I use Poshbiotic products?

Hayley: You can include them in any pampering routine, depending on which type of product you’d like to try. Here’s a sample routine for sensitive skin that needs soothing:

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Egg On Your Face™ Face Wash

How to use: This nourishing cleanser with K-beauty technology soothes irritated skin while maintaining skin health. Working into a generous lather, massage over face. Rinse and pat dry; follow with Impress Me™ Serum.

Impress Me™ Serum

How to use: This nourishing serum and face moisturizer in one is deeply hydrating and features a unique, velvety texture. Apply a dime-sized amount to clean face and neck day and night. If you use other face serums, apply them first. If you want to add more moisture, follow with an additional face crème.

Milking It™ Chunk Big Bath Bar

How to use: Goat's milk, oats, and honey gently clean while calming and nourishing in this BIG bath bar you'll need both hands to hold on to. Lather from head to toe and rinse thoroughly. Follow with Fresh, Creamy Milk Body Butter.

Fresh, Creamy Milk™ Body Butter

How to use: This shea-loaded body butter is packed with milk, milk thistle, and bamboo extract. Apply liberally as needed from neck to toes. For best results, use on freshly exfoliated, clean skin after your bath or shower.

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