A Fízi Fall Routine


Autumn and it's cooler nights announce the unofficial start of bath season. There’s nothing quite as pampering as a warm soak while the wind is howling outside and the leaves are swirling around. So turn off the lights, light a candle, and drop in a Fízi bath bomb. If you can’t pick just one, try mixing and matching to create your own customized cocktail of Fízi flavors.

Our Fízi bath bombs are formulated with mineral-rich salt found in the Great Salt Lake. Fun fact: the Great Salt Lake has the highest concentration of pampering salt on the continent! This means you get more benefits with each bath; salt contains skin-softening magnesium and other trace minerals that are essential for healthy looking skin. As you soak, it gently removes dry, flakey areas and softens rough patches so you emerge with smoother, calmer looking skin. For added pampering, we infuse our Fízis with coconut oil and sustainably sourced shea butter.

The benefits of bathing are absolutely abundant. Here are nine reasons why:

Soak Away Stress

What a day! You ran out of milk and on the way to the store you got a flat tire. And to top it off, your phone battery died. While you might not be able to erase the experience, you can soak away the stress. Bathing in warm water with a Fízi bath bomb has the brilliant benefit of relieving stress and providing an excellent respite from a terrible day. Enjoy the benefits of your bath and let your mind wander to less stressful things. 

Soothe & Soften

Bathing in warm water helps open up your pores and letting the good things in, like mineral-rich magnesium and salt from the Great Salt Lake. In addition, when you take a warm bath with Fizi bath bombs you can soothe and soften skin.


Take a bath before bedtime to get better rest. Bathing in warm water helps to increase body temperature and soothe tired muscles, helping you get some serious relaxation. When you combine that with the calming benefits of Fízis, you’ll feel more relaxed than ever. Take your relaxation a step further and apply Very Sleepy Skin Stick to help you have a better night’s rest.

Magnificent Magnesium

The mineral-rich magnesium found in Fízi bath bombs acts as a natural humectant, helping to draw in moisture while you soak in the tub, and has been known to break apart fats and oils allowing your skin to breathe and help you achieve a clearer, more even skin tone free of redness and blemishes. Add even more vitamin-rich magnesium to your skin after a bath with Mad for Magnesium Stress Melting Body Butter to help soothe tension and lock moisture in skin.

Me Time

Taking a little time for yourself allows you to take better care of everyone else around you. So shut the door, turn on some relaxing tunes, and grab that page-turner you’ve been dying to finish while you soak in the pleasure of your own personal, indulgent spa. 

Get a Boost

Taking a bath can boost your mood and reduce stress. Whether you’re not feeling your best or you’ve had a rough day, a bath is something you can give yourself that can soothe, soften, and refresh your skin while uplifting your mood.

Feel Scent-sational 

Soaking up your favorite scent can leave you feeling and smelling sensational. Fízi bath bombs come in a wide variety of decadent fragrances and colors so you can truly have a customized bath experience.

Trend Report

Bath bombs are so hot right now, but Fízi bath bombs take that up a notch—they’re totally haute! In other words, they take the trend of bath bombs to the next level with naturally based ingredients, like mineral-rich salt from the Great Salt Lake and add a variety of decadent and delicious fragrances, including some all-time favorite Posh favorites. 

You Deserve a Soak

There’s no question about it, you deserve decadence. So whether you want to soften your skin, soak away the chills, or soothe tension, a bath is for you. And there’s nothing more decadent and luxurious than soaking up the abundant benefits of Fízi bath bombs.