Posh Scopes: Libra

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September 23–October 22

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Venus

Colors: Blue, pink, green, magenta

Day: Friday

Gems: Lapis lazuli, sapphire

Flower: Rose

Of all the zodiac signs, you’re the best at finding balance, Libra. In fact, you crave it! People love you because you’re gracious, diplomatic, and always willing to lend a hand (provided you know the favor will be returned). You’re a bit of a social butterfly and full of positive energy at your best, but can be clingy at your worst. An out-of-balance Libra is prone to self-pity, holds grudges, and becomes indecisive, so be sure to take time to pamper yourself so you stay golden.

Try: As a Libra, you don’t believe in cheating, but you can believe in Cheat Sheets™ Cucumber Under Eye Sheet Masks, formulated with cooling aloe vera and cucumber to reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines, restoring balance to the eye area.

September brings a boost of creativity for you this year. It’s a great time to redecorate a room, try a new hobby, or DIY your own fall and holiday décor. In addition to new-found creativity, Jupiter moving through your sign this fall means an increase in cash flow. Now could be the perfect time to invest in yourself and your own business, or to get a jumpstart on holiday shopping. Just be sure to give back and donate some of your good fortune to helping others, thereby balancing the scales.

Try: Libra rules the lower back and those muscles love nothing more than a pampering soak. Drop your favorite Fízi bath bomb into the tub, then lather neck to toes with Always Ghana Love You™ Shea Butter Bath Bar. We’ll donate $1 from every sale to support women in Ghana who sustainably source our shea butter. Follow your soak with shea-loaded Fresh, Creamy Milk™ Body Butter for smoothness that lasts.

As your ruling planet Venus moves into retrograde in October, your love life will amp up. Luckily, Libras love company! Whether it means a spicier fall for you and your partner, or finding someone new, sweater weather is the perfect time to snuggle up.

10 Reasons Why We Love Libra:

  • You’re a good sport

  • You’re always up for a lunch date

  • You’re constantly thinking of others

  • You’re the first to volunteer at PTA meetings

  • You’re insanely reliable

  • You don’t think any idea is too big; anything is possible

  • You’re always surrounded by friends and family

  • You’re great at seeing the big picture

  • You’re both smart AND creative

  • You have a knack for making things look effortless

Mantra for the Month:

Balance involves giving and taking. I need pampering time for myself so I can better give back to others.