Posh Scopes: Virgo

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August 23–September 22


Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Colors: Silver, grey, yellow, beige

Day: Wednesday

Gem: Peridot

Flowers: Sunflower and marigold


Dynamic and go-getting, you don’t let anything slow you down when it comes to reaching your goals, Virgo! Your Type-A personality expects perfection and sets high standards—you try hard to be this fabulous and think everyone else should too. Never wanting to disappoint, you can sometimes spread yourself too thin and work non-stop, especially when it comes to your career. But you know part of being a perfectionist includes finding balance. You’re just as content going out for post-work cocktails with coworkers as you are staying in.

Try: A relaxing and skin-softening soak with Muscle Through™ Epsom bath salts. They contain sunflower oil, which resonates perfectly with Virgos.


Because your sign rules the digestive system, particularly the intestines, when you’re stressed your Virgo nature manifests itself in the form of tummy trouble. You know there is a lot to get done and feel like you need to be the one to do it (because you’ll do it right), but lay off that quad-shot latte—it’ll only make things worse.

Try: Glide pepperminty Perk!™ Skin Stick over pulse points for a refreshing way to energize on long, difficult days.


Inspired by beauty and all things Pinterest-worthy, you have a great eye for art, detail, and design; people constantly admire your social posts, gorgeous home dècor, and on-point color palette. Keep your creativity flowing by incorporating your birthstone, peridot, into your pampering routines.

Try: Hot & Gold™ Firming Face Mask. It features your chakra stone, peridot, in the form of olivine extract, plus colloidal gold to help visibly firm for flawless looking skin.


10 Reasons Why We Love Virgo:


  • You’re super smart

  • You’re an amazingly loyal friend

  • You’re great at planning and seeing the big picture

  • You’re good at keeping secrets

  • You’re always up for a new challenge or adventure

  • You’re witty, funny, and put others at ease

  • You have a knack for getting out of trouble—Virgo can get away with almost anything

  • You’re really tidy, clean, and organized

  • You’re a natural caregiver and like to serve others

  • You’re health conscious and a fun workout buddy


Just in time for your birthday, Mercury moves out of retrograde. Take this as an opportunity to make new connections and shift out of your comfort zone; now is the time to let others in.


Mantra for the Month:

The best way to help others is by first helping myself, and asking for help when I need it.