3 Steps to Fresh Feet

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Who has time to schedule a pedicure when you can barely even find time to get groceries and walk the dog? Thankfully there’s plenty of pampering Posh to get feet looking pretty at home while you’re waiting on a load of laundry or hiding from your kids for 10 minutes. Just follow these easy steps and no one will know you didn’t go to a pro:


Before you begin:

Warm water helps soften feet and nails. You don’t need a fancy foot bath, just soak them in the tub or hop up on the counter and soak them in the bathroom sink. For extra softening, add a scoop of Muscle Through™ All Mixd Up—Epsom salts with cleansing rosemary extract—or your favorite Fízi bath bomb. Then trim and file nails.


Step 1: Scrub

Massage Rubby Scrubby™ Exfoliating Foot Stick over your feet, paying extra attention to callused, dry areas like your heels and cuticles. The sugarcane-derived beads in Rubby Scrubby are great for scrubbing off dead skin cells and perfect for the thicker skin on your feet.


Step 2: Mask

Rinse off your scrub, dry your feet, and apply a foot mask, like Toes Before Bros™ or Sole Sister™. Sole Sister uses activated charcoal and clay to absorb toxins from feet, giving them a refreshingly deep clean with peppermint and tingly tea tree. Toes Before Bros uses exfoliating fruit enzymes to help get feet extra smooth while locking in moisture with jojoba oil. To help it work even deeper, wrap your feet in warm, damp hand towels.


Pro tip: The towels used at the spa are always so nice and warm, but most of us don’t have towel warmers at home. No worries! Just run towels under warm water, wring out well, and pop in the microwave for a few seconds. Mmm, cozy!


Step 3: Moisturize

The best part of any pedicure is the foot massage, right?! After you’ve removed your foot mask, take the time to rub in a moisturizing foot crème, like Schwanky & Soft™ Exfoliating Foot Crème. Its shea butter base nourishes feet and cuticles, but it has the added benefit of glycolic acid to help prevent dry skin buildup.


Voila! Your feet are now pedi perfect! Just add a pop of color with a fun polish; sure, it’s winter, but there’s something so satisfying about knowing your feet look pretty underneath those thick wools socks.