A Quick Guide to Cleansing with Clay

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In the world of beauty ingredients, it doesn’t get much simpler than clay. Dig deep enough almost anywhere in the world and you’ll find it. But this simple ingredient is quite complex when it comes to cleansing. Its naturally absorbent properties, high mineral content, and toning ability make it ideal for getting off the gunk, detoxifying, and revealing fresher skin.


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At Posh, we use 3 types of clay in our products: illite, bentonite, and kaolin.



Illite clay is a marine clay that helps skin detox by absorbing impurities from pores to promote clearer looking skin. It can be used to create a balanced looking complexion for multiple skin types and promotes a healthy glow. It’s also known as French green clay (it gets its green color from plant material, but doesn't always appear green when blended in masks) and can be found in ancient sea beds in northern France and the Atlantic basin.

Try it: Pore Chores™ Face Mask is perfect for imperfection-prone areas like your nose and chin because Illite helps pull away debris while vitamin-rich spirulina (a form of algae) helps balance skin and visibly tighten pores.



Bentonite is an abundant clay derived from volcanic ash. For this reason, it is packed with a rich array of minerals which can help soften skin and give it a firmer, tighter appearance, reducing the look of puffiness. Bentonite is the most absorbent of all the clays, which helps it soak up excess oil and attract dirt like a magnet. It’s also referred to as Montmorillonite clay.

Try it: Envy This™ Face Mask tightens and brightens skin with caffeine for a perkier, fresher look. Combined with kaolin clay, bentonite helps remove impurities that can make your complexion look dull while antioxidant neem defends against environmental pollutants.



The gentlest of the 3 clays, kaolin is primarily made up of aluminum oxide and silica. These ingredients help remove dead skin cells to reveal fresher looking skin and promote a flawless-looking complexion by helping skin look and feel soft and smooth. Kaolin is the clay used to make porcelain pottery and it comes in a variety of colors, including white, red, pink, and yellow.

Try it: Cackle Spackle™ Deep Cleaning Face Mask combines kaolin clay with volcanic ash, spearmint, and aloe vera for an exfoliating clean that leaves skin feeling refreshed.

Add clay to your cleansing routine a couple times per week for smooth, radiant skin. Which one is your favorite?