5 Ways to Pamper Yourself for Mother’s Day


While we can’t guarantee you’ll have a Mother’s Day free of a messy breakfast in bed or a crowded brunch with crying kids, we can help you do what Posh does best: find ways to pamper yourself so you can be a better you, which means you can be a better mom the other 364 days of the year.

Here are our 5 favorite ways to treat yourself this Mother’s Day:


Hire a housekeeper

Two words: spring cleaning (you know you’ve been putting it off for weeks). Even if it’s just for one day, hiring someone to get your house dialed in is a pampering treat you deserve and, unlike when your kids clean, you don’t have to go back and re-do spots they missed.

Indulge in a spa day

What’s better than going to the spa? Getting the kids out of the house and enjoying a whole day to yourself at home—especially when that day includes All About That Vase™ Petal Body Polish with exfoliating loofah fruit and All About That Vase™ Hydrating Body Serum. Both are delicately fragranced with coconut and rose and leave skin feeling soft as petals (plus they make a great gift for your own mom).

How to Use: Apply body polish neck to toes in the shower or bath (make it luxe with a pink loofah), rinse, and follow with the hydrating body serum. Check out how to care for a loofah


Add even more spa to your day with Pearlfectionist™ Exfoliating Face Mask, featuring moisturizing sea buckthorn berry and illuminating pearl powder for a radiant glow, then pour yourself a glass of wine and binge watch your favorite show...ahh.


Subscribe to a home delivery service

Getting kids in car seats for last-minute diaper runs or trying to find time to get groceries between school pick-up and soccer practice is enough to make any mom feel frazzled. Check out these delivery services we love:

  • Amazon Family—discounts on diapers, wipes, baby food, and more, and it’s free to subscribe if you already have Amazon Prime

  • Blue Apron—when you’re a working mom, having someone else take care of planning dinner a couple nights a week is a life saver

  • BarkBox—because your fur babies need love too, this delivery service brings customized dog toys and treats right to your door


Make It a Date

Remember life before you were a mom? Make a reservation for a romantic dinner at that trendy new restaurant in town, put on the sexy heels that have been gathering dust in the back of your closet, reclaim your pre-mom makeup routine with a bold lip (we love Vial™ long-wear lip shades), and spend an evening with your boo—no talking about kids allowed!


Call Your Mom

Chatting with your mom is a Mother’s Day gift you’ll both appreciate. Studies have shown that hearing your mom’s voice can help boost oxytocin, a feel-good hormone that also helps lower stress. Plus, you’re her daughter—she wants to hear from you!

If can’t call your own mom, try reaching out to other women in your life (hey, it takes a village, right?). Strengthening relationships with other moms not only helps you feel less isolated, it also sets a great example for your own daughters as to the power of the tribe vibe.


While heartfelt cards can’t be beat and homemade gifts are priceless, treat yourself to the pampering you deserve this Mother’s Day—it helps you be a better mom!



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