How to Apply the Best Self Tanner for a Natural Looking Glow

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It used to be that if you used sunless tanner, your only options often left you looking like an Oompa Loompa. But the days of blotchy tanners are gone, especially when you follow these easy steps for the best self tanner application that looks totally pro:


Before You Apply Sunless Tanner

Step 1

Exfoliate EVERYWHERE you plan to apply sunless tanner to ensure an even tan. We love Lady Limoncello™ and You Apricaught Me!™ body polishes to help smooth skin, or you can use a dry brush. Rinse well and pat skin dry.


Step 2

Lightly moisturize hands, feet, ankles, wrists, elbows, and knees. These spots are the most likely to absorb sunless tanner unevenly, resulting in a blotchy look. Moisturizing beforehand helps ensure a more even application. We recommend water based Show and Gel™ Hydrating Body Gel scented with lemongrass.

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How to Apply Self Tanner

Step 1

Apply a thick layer of sunless tanner like Fake It ‘Til You Make It™ from the neck down, blending well around wrists, ankles, elbows, and knees. Fake It ‘Til You Make It is the best self tanner if you’re looking for a gradual tan that also leaves skin moisturized, thanks to just the right amount of DHA, the only FDA approved self-tanning ingredient, blended with shea butter and sodium hyaluronate.

Pro Tip: Rub some of The Healer™ Skin Stick on cuticles and knuckles before applying tanner to avoid staining your nails.


Step 2

Enlist the help of a friend to help apply to hard-to-reach areas like your back.

Pro Tip: If you’re rolling solo, wrap a mitt around the top of a dry brush and secure with a hair tie. Then apply some sunless tanning crème to the mitt and take advantage of the long handle of the dry brush to help reach your back.


Step 3

Bending hands into a claw shape, smooth a little sunless tanner over fingers and the tops of each hand. Then apply to tops of feet and toes.


Step 4

Rub a small amount of body scrub (the same one you used before you started works fine) across the palms of your hands to remove any leftover sunless tanner. Then, rather than rinsing (you don’t want to wash off the sunless tanner on the tops of your hands), use a Bare It All™ Wipe to clean the body polish off your palms.

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Goof-Proof Self-Tanning Tips 

  • Wait for sunless tanner to dry before getting dressed; Fake It ‘Til You Make It dries quickly—just wait about 5 minutes for it to dry

  • For a sunkissed glow, apply 1–2 times per week; use more often for a darker tan

  • To remove any uneven tanner, exfoliate the uneven areas in the shower with a body scrub


What are your goof-proof sunless tanning tips? We want to here them! Make this the year you finally nail sunless tanner and rock your golden, streak-free glow with confidence.