Spring Cleaning: How to have a fab & floral bedtime bath


As the seasons change, so does your skincare. Soak up a softer spring cleaning routine that leaves skin feeling fab, floral, and fresh. This bedtime bath is full of soothing benefits from naturally based ingredients like rose water, prickly pear, apricot, coconut, and carrot.

Set the Mood

Whether you’re into scented candles, music, the latest book club read, or a magazine full of celebrity scandals, get it ready before you start filling your tub...even if you’re home alone, it’s still awkward to make a naked dash to the living room because you forgot your crossword puzzle.

Drink It In

Nothing makes a bath feel like a spa as much as a tasty tubside beverage. Pour a glass of buttery chardonnay or brew a cup of bedtime tea.

Mix It Up

Start filling your tub and add 2 scoops of All Mixd Up bath salts. Sleepy Sleep™ helps soothe with lavender essential oil while sulfate-free Bubble Up™ creates clouds of fluffy foam. Think about it...is it really a bath if it doesn’t have bubbles?

24 Carrot Magic

While your tub finishes filling, apply 24 Carrots™ Nourishing Face Mask to clean skin. It helps brighten for a fresh face with vitamin A, carrot oil and root extract, and antioxidants. Just leave it on while you soak and rinse it off when you’re done.

A Dreamy Cleanse

Fantasy That™ is the perfect, gentle, creamy bath bar when you’re ready for sweet dreams. It features shimmery mica in a pearlescent pink, shea butter and coconut oil-based Chunk™ scented with lotus, freesia, and amber.


Take It All Off

Scrubbing away the dirt, sweat, and pollutants your skin has picked up through the day is key to unwinding and ensuring all that grime doesn’t end up on your sheets. Cactus Makes Perfect™ Snarky Bar exfoliates dull skin with eco-beads and apricot seed powder while brightening and soothing with prickly pear oil and agave.

Pro Tip: If you’re shaving your legs in the tub, use a Snarky as a pre-shave scrub. It helps you get a closer shave by removing dead skin cells and helps raise hair so you’re less likely to miss spots.

Night Light

After you’re done bathing, pamper your clean, exfoliated skin with a light dose of hydration. To slip into the sheets feeling soft, not sticky, try Mist & Shout™ Rose Water Body Mist. It hydrates skin with 19 superfood extracts for an antioxidant boost while you sleep, and can be used on both face and body. Applying while damp ensures your skin drinks in the most benefits.

This soothing routine helps skin transition into spring. Need something to energize your AM? Try a fresh morning cleanse filled with cucumber and mint.