10 Reasons Why You Need to Use Toner

Perfectly Posh toners, how to use a toner, 10 reasons why you need to use a toner

Toners have gotten a bad rap and for good reason. They used to be filled with drying ingredients, like alcohol, that often caused a burning, stinging sensation, and—let’s be real—never did much to clear up your skin anyway.

Today’s toners are filled with better, naturally based ingredients and deserve to be an essential part of your skincare routine.

10 Reasons Why You Need to Use Toner

  1. Reduce the appearance of pores

  2. Help balance skin’s pH

  3. Moisturize

  4. Hydrate

  5. Can be used as a second-step cleanser (more about that in a sec)

  6. Help your serum, eye crème, and moisturizer absorb better

  7. Help guard against environmental pollutants

  8. Are great for guys to soothe skin post-shave

  9. Can help skin stay clear (but for real this time!)

  10. Help skin look younger


Find Your Perfect Toner

Check out these toners we love:

Well Adjusted™ Balancing Toner: All skin types

  • Hydrating toner helps keep dry areas soothed and oily skin in check—it visibly plumps your skin

  • Helps control excess shine, reduces the appearance of imperfections and large pores

  • Glycolic acid gently exfoliates pores deep down so they look cleaner and clearer

  • Lentil extract helps reduce the appearance of large, clogged pores while restoring balance

Exsqueeze Me™ Super C Toner: dull skin, aging skin, uneven skin

  • Great improving dull, uneven skin tone & lightening dark spots

  • Brightens skin with vitamin C from citrus extracts, like orange, grapefruit, and tangerine

  • Luxe glycerin base locks in hydration

  • Refreshes with a bright citrus essential oil blend


Set the Tone™ Balancing Toner: simple/young, normal/combination, oily skin

  • Oil-regulating toner for refreshed, clearer looking skin

  • Exfoliates and breaks down dead skin to keep pores clear with willow bark/leaf extract, a natural sources of beta hydroxy acid (BHA)

  • Soothes and hydrates skin with lightweight aloe vera

  • Cleanses and brightens with bergamot

  • Reduces the appearance of skin imperfections with antioxidant vitamin C from oranges


Bare It All™ Simple Micellar Tonic: all, especially dry

  • Keeps pores clean with micelles that whisk away oil and dirt

  • Gentle exfoliants to slough off dry skin with malic acid from apples

  • Hydrates with coconut water

  • Provides immediate moisture with quick absorbing prickly pear cactus extract

  • Can be used for 1-step cleansing, toning, and moisturizing



How to Use a Toner

Perfectly Posh how to use a toner, Exsqueeze Me Super C Toner, spraying on toner, skin brightening toner

Use your toner after cleansing skin and before applying serum. Simply spritz directly onto skin or apply to a cotton pad and swipe. Toners are also great to use as second-step cleansers, helping to remove any makeup residue or excess oil left behind. Just apply double the amount to a cotton pad and glide over your face working from the jawline up.

Which Perfectly Posh toner is your favorite?