It’s About Us, Babe: A Pampering Valentine’s for You and Your Boo


Google “worst Valentine’s gifts” and it’s pretty apparent how many people miss the mark when it comes to showering their S.O. with a little love. Here’s a no-fail idea: shop gifts you’ll both enjoy! Read on for V-day date ideas and pampering gifts perfect for two:



The idea of a romantic massage seems like a no brainer, but if you’ve ever tried it, you know that massage oils get messy. Rub your partner the right way with You Apricaught Me!™ Dry Body Oil. It comes in an easy rollerball applicator for less mess and contains non-greasy apricot kernel oil.

Make it a date: Unplug and focus on each other! The rule for this date is no phones, computers, TV, etc. Cozy up by the fireplace, read together, eat Chinese takeout by candlelight, play an old get the idea.



There’s a reason you’re always stealing his shirts; they’re not just comfy, they smell good too! Hunk Chunk™ Chunk Big Bath Bar is the shower equivalent. He’ll love the bits of pumice that help smooth rough skin and the creamy feel of moisturizing shea butter; its woodland fir, fresh citrus, and amber musk scent is so good you’ll want to steal it, too.

Make it a date: Volunteer at a local animal shelter (what’s cuter than your hunk surrounded by puppies?), sign up for a pottery class, or get artsy at a paint night. Sure, you might get a little dirty, but the clean up is half the fun.



It’s a fact that exercise increases endorphins which helps you feel less stressed and promotes happier relationships. Make your fitness routine more pampering with Hot Pepper Sha-Bang™ Giant Warming Skin Stick and Just Chillin’™ Giant Cooling Skin Stick. One features warming capsaicin from chili peppers plus shea butter and cocoa butters, the other has cooling peppermint, aloe, and cucumber. Both are great on the go—just glide on wherever needed—and easily fit into a backpack or gym bag.

Make it a date: Get outside and go for a hike, hit up a yoga class (bonus: you look great in leggings!), or bundle up and hit the slopes, then take turns rolling on hot and cold relief—these giant Skin Sticks have plenty to share.



Valentine’s is the perfect time for a romantic soak filled with fluffy foam. Bubble Up™ All Mixd Up creates luxe, sulfate-free bubbles so the two of you can enjoy tub time without drying your skin. Just pour a couple glasses of bubbly, light some candles, and enjoy an evening with your bae in the bath.

Make it a date: Don’t have a bath at home? Book a hotel for the night—Bubble Up comes in a resealable bag and is even foamier with a jetted tub. Make a whole day of it and hit up that restaurant you’ve been dying to try and the art museum you haven’t been to since college—the two of you can feel like tourists in your own town.