All My Single Ladies: Pampering Valentine’s Ideas for Independent Women


Who needs a bae on Valentine’s? Instead of waiting around for someone to ask you out, we’ve found head-to-toe products to MASK you out so you can show yourself a little love, top to bottom...because strong, bold women take care of themselves first!




The trick to saying buh-bye to bad hair days is having a healthy scalp. Pamper to the roots with One Night Strand™ Hair and Scalp Mask infused with moisturizing argan oil. The easy applicator nozzle helps you go deep, then use a mask brush to distribute. Just apply to wet hair and leave on for 5–10 minutes in the shower, or wrap hair in a towel and take this mask to bed with you, letting the conditioning treatment work overnight.



Glowing skin is hot. Help make yours more radiant and youthful with Hot and Gold™ Firming Face Mask, featuring colloidal gold and peridot. Apply to clean, exfoliated skin and let sit for 15–20 minutes. Bonus: it smells like velvety moss, oud, and luxe florals.



As a female, what you do is your prerogative, so if you want to strip...strip! The Stripper™ Body Mask is filled with charcoal, which holds up to 2,000 times its weight in impurities, so you can get even your sweatiest, dirtiest skin deeply cleaned in under 15 minutes (we’ve heard from lots of ladies they love it for chest, armpits, back, and booty to help steer clear of imperfections and bumps). Just be sure to test before using on sensitive areas.



Independent women know how to land on their own two feet; make sure yours are soft and pampered with Toes Before Bros™ Hot Wrap Foot Mask. Enzymes from pineapple and papaya help exfoliate dry heels and calluses while plant-based oils deliver rich moisture. Just apply and wrap feet in a warm damp towel for 10–20 minutes.

After you’ve masked head to toe, grab your girls and do dinner and drinks! Long-wear Vial™ lip color lasts from the boardroom to the bar and comes in a 3-piece tin you’ll love. We’re obsessed with I’m Touched, a soft and buttery pink perfect for showing your sensitive side, and Get Some, a fierce hot pink ideal for making a statement.