Why Your Dry Skin Needs Magnesium

Mad for Magnesium Body Butter Information

If you’re like us and hear any word sounding remotely like it belongs on the periodic table (which in this case it does) you run for the hills. But if clear, soothed skin is what you’re after, magnesium may be just the thing you need.

First of all, let’s be clear about what type of magnesium we’re talking about. We’re talking magnesium chloride—a natural mineral compound that offers a myriad of skin benefits. This easy-to-absorb form of magnesium is ideal to use in soaks for its calming properties. Aside from having the potential to soothe muscle tension, magnesium helps improve skin tone and reduces the appearance of imperfections from very dry skin conditions.

Yes, you heard us correctly. Everyone can benefit from magnesium based skincare, but it is especially soothing for very dry, rough, or sensitive skin. Most products formulated for soothing chronically dry, sensitive skin contain petroleum based ingredients. When you use a product with magnesium, your skin gets the calming relief and smooth appearance you want without harming the environment.

We know, it seems like it’s almost too good to be true. Try incorporating magnesium into your routine and see for yourself! You can find magnesium in these products:

Mad for Magnesium™

We added a good amount of Magnesium Chloride straight to Mad for Magnesium, so applying it is great way to increase magnesium levels through the skin. This weightless Magnesium Chloride moisturizer helps lock moisture into skin while soothing tension and is scented with lavender, cedar, and sandalwood. Bonus: If you’re magnesium deficient you might absorb it more deeply than someone with normal magnesium levels.


Fízi Bath Bombs

The mineral-rich magnesium found in Fízi bath bombs acts as a natural humectant, helping to draw in moisture while you soak in the tub, and has been known to break apart fats and oils allowing your skin to breathe and help you achieve a clearer, more even skin tone free of redness and blemishes. You can get Fízi bath bombs through your Perfectly Posh® Influencer. Don’t have one? You can find one here.