5 Rituals to Help You Stick to Your Resolutions

Perfectly Posh New Year's resolutions and rituals

“New year, new you” is easier said than done, and while you may be all geared up for a fresh start on January 1, you might not feel the same enthusiasm towards your resolutions two weeks from now. Help change stick by adopting rituals for your best self.

If the first things that come to mind when you hear the word “ritual” are voodoo dolls and sage smudging, that’s fair. But rituals don’t always have to be mystical and new age to be effective.

Think of rituals as mental before-and-after photos. They create bridges between past, present, and future, and can make it easier to find your place in it all. Rituals carve out space for calm reflection, a place to gather your wits and focus your energy. Rituals give you a moment to stop and catch your breath.

What’s holding you back from reaching your goals? Here are 5 pampering rituals to help address your daily roadblocks:

The issue: Your day seems to derail before it even begins

The ritual: But first, coffee

Think you don’t have any rituals? Surprise, your AM cup of joe counts! Make coffee even more pampering when you add it to your morning shower via Where You Bean All My Life™ Chunk Big Bath Bar, a caffeinated and antioxidant-rich soap with a creamy cocoa butter and glycerin base to moisturize while perking up tired skin.

The issue: You’re afraid to ask for what you want

The ritual: Something bold & beautiful

Our secret weapon whenever we need an extra boost of confidence: Vial™ Long-Wear Lip Color. Pick out your favorite kick-butt color (there’s lots to choose from; we love Truth or Dare) and layer on a bold lip whenever you’re feeling less than brave. This is the Adrian to your Rocky.

The issue: You hit a wall every afternoon

The ritual: Energize & invigorate

It’s 3 PM and all you can think about is Diet Coke and BuzzFeed quizzes. Get your day back on track with Perk!™ Skin Stick filled with energizing peppermint essential oil, which stimulates your senses and soothes tension, while shea butter smooths skin head to toe. For a little added acupressure, massage it into pulse points like temples, your third eye, and the base of your skull.

The issue: You constantly feel overwhelmed

The ritual: A daily dose of calm

How can you possibly stick to a resolution when you’re brain is totally maxed out? Destress with CANN I BE™ Drops, filled with full-spectrum hemp oil, which contains CBD to naturally calm and soothe. Try mixing it with your favorite Perfectly Posh moisturizers to add a layers of fragrance and texture to your ritual.

The issue: You’re having a hard time letting go

The ritual: Deep clean body & soul

You can’t ring in the new when you’re clinging to the old. Set aside 10–15 minutes a week to detox with Cackle Spackle™ Deep Cleaning Face Mask and The Stripper™ Body Mask; both contain adsorbent charcoal, which goes deep into pores to pull out gunk left behind. While your masks do their magic, take a mental inventory of what left-behind emotional gunk you’re holding on to, then focus on letting it go as you wash off.

What rituals do you rely on to keep your goals on track?

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