6 Pampering Resolutions Worth Making in 2019

Perfectly Posh Pampering 2019 New Year's Resolutions; 6 Pampering Resolutions Worth Making in 2019

Out with the old, in with the new! But we’re sick of the usual New Year’s resolutions that just leave us feeling bad because we can’t keep them: to hit the gym everyday, to quit eating carbs, to try again to complete last year’s resolution. So enough with the same old same old. Here are 6 feel-good resolutions worth making in 2019:

Perfectly Posh Pampering Resolution #1

Enough with the lazy-girl breakouts and mascara-stained pillowcases. Wash off your dang makeup! We’ve all been there: you're tired, you had too many glasses of wine, it's not that dirty... but this year we're all going to do better—right, people? Right?!  Especially because we get to use amazing products like BFF: Best Face Forever™ Exfoliating Face Wash and Bare It All™ Simple Micellar Face Wipes (which literally take 10 seconds to use). Our complexions will thank us.

Perfectly Posh Pampering Resolution #2

It’s 2019 and it’s time to stop apologizing for every little thing. None of us are wonder woman (or man), we do not have to be perfect, and being human is not something to be sorry for. And ESPECIALLY stop apologizing for taking me time—that's like the equivalent of apologizing because you need to eat; you can't run on empty!

Perfectly Posh Pampering Resolution #3

Make dates with yourself. Here's the funny thing with schedules: if you don't put yourself on your calendar, someone or something else is bound to steal that time slot. Enough already! Pencil yourself in for standing appointments—daily, weekly, monthly—and stick to the schedule. When you don't, you're essentially saying that everything and everyone else is more important than you (guess what: they're not).

Perfectly Posh Pampering Resolution #4

No more lies. We're great at making up excuses for ourselves and blaming our lack of happiness on other people's actions/other situations. The fact is, we do this because we're afraid of addressing our real issues, so 2019 is the time to make a mental inventory of what your fears are, what's holding you back, and have the tough talk with yourself of what you can do to change it (because no one else can change you but you).

Perfectly Posh Pampering Resolution #5

You don’t have to do life alone. Maybe you're overwhelmed with work, maybe you have a mental health issue, maybe you just need a night off from your kids. Whatever the case may be, ASKING FOR HELP IS NOT A SIGN OF WEAKNESS, it does not make you less capable than anyone else, it does not mean you are a failure. This year, make it a point to ask for what you need and not feel guilty about it.

Perfectly Posh Pampering Resolution #6

Enjoy yourself! There's no rule book that says you have to live a certain way, that life is supposed to be boring, that a 9-to-5 is the only way to go. If your current routine it isn't fun, change it. A good indicator you need more fun in your life is if you’re exhausted for no good reason by dinner. Take a look at your day to day, find areas that are bringing you down, and reevaluate how necessary they really are.

Oh, and never mind that everyone else says New Year’s Resolutions should start January 1. You’re way more likely to stick to your new goal when you start it on your own terms. So if the first of the year is too hectic or impractical, who cares! What pampering goals are you making for 2019?