8 Ways to Travel Pampered

Perfectly Posh holiday travel tips

The holidays are fast approaching, and as if dry winter air isn’t enough to wreak havoc on your complexion, traveling is notorious for dehydrating skin and hair. Here are our must-have tips to stay Posh pampered at 40,000 feet:

Use a Hair Mask

You’re going to be stuck on a flight for a few hours, which is plenty of time to deep condition your hair. Try a mask like One Night Strand™ formulated with moisturizing argan oil; just apply to roots (wet or dry), comb through, and wrap your hair up in a top knot—fancy headscarf optional. Your ‘do will look super sleek, and when you get to your hotel you can rinse and blow dry for gorgeously shiny strands.

Layer Your Sodium Hyaluronate

Sodium hyaluronate deeply penetrates skin and draws in 1,000 times its weight in moisture for a dewy look that lasts. This is good news for flyers, as recirculated air is dry-skin enemy #1. For best results, press a serum containing sodium hyaluronate into skin, followed by a sodium hyaluronate face crème—use a little more than you normally would, it will soak in during your in-flight movie. We love Defiant™ Naked Youth Serum and Gimmie a Boost Face Crème; they also contain micronized pearl powder to help deflect light for a luminous glow.

Protect Your Lips

It’s way easier to prevent dry lips than to try and nurse them back once they’re flakey and chapped. Apply Bring on the Bubbly™ Lip Oil preflight to keep them soft with a blend of 8 nourishing oils flavored with sparkling champagne and ginger, then swipe on a bright Vial™ Lip Shade like Don’t Be Cordial or Truth or Dare just before landing; you’ll step off the plane looking like a celebrity. (Plus, a red lip makes your teeth look whiter!)

Bring Extra Hand Crème

Flight attendants put up with a lot—crying babies, anxious flyers, grumpy passengers—which means they definitely could use some pampering. Bring your own Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème in your carry-on to keep hands soft, but not greasy, so you can juggle your bag, your boarding pass, and your latte; then bring an extra for your flight attendant. They will thank you (and it might even get you an upgrade or an extra drink!).

Wipe, Spritz, Repeat

Face wipes are a travelers very best friend. Whether you get stuck on a layover, have hard water at your hotel, or simply need to refresh on the go, Bare It All™ Micellar Face Wipes lift away dirt, makeup, and oil—no sink required. Bonus: they also contain toning and moisturizing ingredients for a quick 3-in-1 facial. Top it off with a hydrating spritz of Mist & Shout Rose Water Mist for dewy, petal-soft skin.

Pack a Bath Bomb

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a great bathtub at your hotel, maybe you’re staying at your sister in-laws and her tub is full of kids toys; either way, a bath bomb or two in your suitcase keeps it (and your outfits) smelling amazing, so you can leave your perfume at home. Even if you can’t enjoy a soak while traveling, a sulfate-free Fízi bath bomb makes a great gift for your host.

Bring Your Own Sheets

Slip a pouch of Cheat Sheets™ Cucumber Under Eye Sheet Masks into your carry-on, then apply them when you’re ready to doze off mid-flight. They easily adhere to your under-eye area to deliver a concentrated punch of hydrating aloe vera, cucumber, and soothing chamomile that reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. Slip a sleep mask over the top and take a nap; when you wake up, simply remove Cheat Sheets and pat in any excess serum to look refreshed and awake.

Stash a Stick

Any Posher knows Skin Sticks are travel essentials. We love lavender Sleepy Sleep™ to calm flying nerves and help reset jet lag, plus it’s soothing enough for the whole family. Or try The Healer™ Skin Stick with moisturizing shea butter and an orange and vanilla essential oil blend that doubles as a lip balm.

Wherever you’re headed for the holidays, use these tips to make your journey a pampering one!